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Wegmans Didn’t Disappoint — It’s All That and More!

Of course I was not going to miss Opening Day at Wegmans. I actually ended up going to the store twice today. The first time was around noon, but after spending 20 min. finding a parking space, I discovered that once inside there was no available space to move! The crowds were overwhelming (to be expected!) and in less than 10 min. I found myself back in my car headed home.

But around 7 PM, my husband and I set out again for Wegman’s; Jeff wanted to experience the Pub. The food, service and staff were amazing and so friendly. The beer selection lives up to Wegmans advertising; over 800 kinds including micro-brews and International brands. All beer is offered in 6-packs and most are available to try as singles. Wegmans Pub has a full-service bar so grocery-shopping may have just gotten more exciting!

As we were leaving Wegmans, we stopped by the Gelato Italian ice cream kiosk – fabulous! Today’s grand opening certainly didn’t disappoint . . . but I have a feeling it may be quiet at the Paoli Acme for a while.

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  1. Pattye –
    The Paoli Acme, the Frazer whatever it is *(next to QVC), the store that used to be called Super Fresh….we have to be careful what we wish for….it could all be empty, not just quiet.

  2. yes just what we need more empty boxes.. competition will be good service prices government bailouts.

    1. You are right, this is very funny! Everyone should read it!

      I have already had several residents ask me to tone it down about Wegmans . . . some are concerned that Acme may find the same fate as Genuardi’s. Honestly, I don’t think that Acme is going anywhere. But OK I know I have gone overboard over Wegmans but with so much bad news in the world, — what’s the harm in finding a bit of joy with a grocery store opening :)

      Thanks From the West!

      1. The CityPaper article is a “hoot” to quote an old friend of my Mother’s (can anyone younger than I have heard that expression?). I’ve had my Wegmans card since the Downingtown store opened.

        I recently shopped in their Fredericksburg, VA store and bought a gelato & one of their $6 meals which was absolutely delicious. Their meat selection was also wonderful which reminded me of the meat a Lancaster butcher used to bring us back in the 40s & 50s. (Now I’m really dating myself.)

        And Pattye you’re correct, Acme isn’t going anywhere, My mom used to shop for staples @ the “old” Wayne Acme (which was just west of the movie), so I know they’ll be around for a long time.

      2. Pattye, I’m right there with you on the new Wegmans – it’s wonderful. I felt as though I was at Epcot Center – Where to look first? What to eat in the food court? What to take home? The dining room alone was worth the visit – how comfortable and inviting it is! I’ll be there at least once a week.

        ACME will survive – it’s a great store with many items that Wegmans doesn’t carry. And I will still be true to Trader Joe’s – nothing can beat their organic selections and great prices. We are fortunate to have these three great stores to choose from.

        And if other people can’t see the pleasure some of us are taking in the Wegmans opening, then I guess they just don’t know how to appreciate the simpler things in life.

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