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Tredyffrin Democrats Submit 2011 Budget Proposal Suggestions to Republican Board of Supervisors

During the ‘New Matters – Citizens’ section of last night’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the chair of Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee Dariel Jamieson presented a suggested 2011 budget proposal on behalf of the Executive Board of the township’s Democratic Committee. Dariel provided a copy of the statement to BOS chair Lamina and offered that a copy would be emailed to all members of the Board of Supervisors. Here is a copy of the TTDEMS statement.

The township’s budget discussion has historically occurred late in the calendar year which adds a heightened level of stress to an already stressful situation. With that in mind, the TTDEMS have suggestions to address the 2011 budget process. Their recommendations included:

  • Complete review of BAWG’s 2010 budget recommendations
  • Public presentation of all options for increasing revenue & decreasing expenses
  • October timeline for reaching budget consensus

The suggested TTDEMS 2011 budget process further includes a request that the budget discussion occur in an open and transparent manner with public involvement.

Although the proposed 2011 budget process was suggested by the local Democratic Committee, I do not believe their recommendations are politically polarizing. Rather, this suggested 2011 budget process encourages a thoughtful, systematic budget approach in difficult and challenging economic times; a process that many residents in the township would probably support (regardless of their political affiliation).

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  1. I would appreciate less drama and more focus from certain supervisors in regards to the budget discussion and process. I think that as soon as the new finance director is onboard, he/she needs to direct attention to some long-range planning, not just the bandaid day-to-day approach we so often witness around this township.

  2. Why? Dariel made a suggestion at the meeting. The board is under no obligation to respond. No matter how it looks to you or me.

  3. Unless I am missing something, I don’t think the township would have received a Aaa rating (one of three in the state) without some “long-range planning” involved.

    None of the accomplishments citied by the bond review agency strike me as “band aid” approaches — especially when you look at the fiscal position of municipalities across the state.

    Yes, there are challenges, but Tredyffrin seems to be in a better position to confront them than many others.

  4. Tredyffrin does have a 5 year plan. It is on their website somewhere.

    I would agree that there haven’t been much band aid moves, but a lot of horrible political posturing that has gotten in the way of common sense. There is still Millions in reserves, yet vital services received cuts. Why? So taxes don’t have to be raised? OK, fine, don’t raise taxes… but you have to remember that reserves are our tax dollars that we have already paid.

    So I would suggest that vital services not be reduced when there is massive amounts of reserves. Taxpayers will ultimately suffer with reduced vital services on behalf of maintaining massive reserves.

    One of the reasons for the Aaa rating is due to the massive reserves that we as taxpayers have furnished over the years.

  5. 18.6 million in reserves and 38 million in bonds, etc.? Are we expecting a hurricane to level the township?

    It’s great to see a AAA bond rating, but when we see people losing their jobs and services getting cut it does seem odd.

  6. ‘I do not believe their recommendations are politically polarizing.’

    The goal of this TTDEM action has everything to do with November’s election in the 157th – give me a break!

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