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State Rep Paul Drucker Makes $1,000,000 Announcement Today!

Under the warm summer sun this morning, on the platform of the Paoli train station, those of us in the attendance waited in anticipation for the ‘big announcement’. With the channel 6 ABC news cameras rolling, State Representative Paul Drucker delivered the exciting news that state funding will provide $1,000,000 for the initial phase of the much-anticipated Paoli Transit Center.

Standing with Strategic Realty Investment president Peter Monaghan and House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans, D-Phila at his side, Rep Drucker explained to the audience that with this project comes economic growth to the community, including 5,000 construction jobs and over 2,000 permanent jobs.

Today’s announcement signifies a new beginning for Paoli and for the larger community . . . a day to celebrate!

Below is the complete press release for today’s announcement:

Paoli Rail Yard to receive $1 million in state funding

PAOLI, June 21 – State Rep. Paul Drucker, D-Chester/Montgomery, announced today that the Paoli Rail Yard will receive $1 million in state funding from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program for the construction of the Paoli Intermodal Transportation facility.

“The release of this funding facilitates the initial phase of the most significant public-private multi-modal transit project in the entire Delaware Valley region,” Drucker said. “The solar component of this initial phase, funded by these dollars, reflects the opportunity for our community to reclaim an otherwise unusable contaminated soil containment cell for use as a 400,000 watt solar power generation facility.”

Drucker said the proposed facility will ultimately supply power to AMTRAK/SEPTA rail operations.

“Today represents the initiation of the larger project that will ultimately create more than 5,000 construction jobs and more than 2,000 permanent jobs in Paoli,” Drucker said. “But most importantly, the building of this solar field will immediately produce 40 new, family-sustaining jobs and offer a boost to our local economy.”

Drucker, joined by House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans, D-Phila., Peter Monaghan from Strategic Realty, Tredyffrin District 3 Supervisor John DiBuonaventuro, Marie Thibault from the Paoli Business Association, and Tim Connor of the Chester County Economic Development Council announced the funding at a 10:30 a.m. news conference held at the Paoli Train Station.

The new Paoli Intermodal Transportation facility is planned to include a new station, passenger amenities, office buildings, and an on-site parking garage.

Funding from RACP is intended to create quality jobs and provide economic stimulus to the Pennsylvania economy.

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  1. Sounds good, I’m all for solar power. But, I have a couple of questions though:

    Who is the actual applicant?

    Is there an approved application or just an initial release of funds?

    Are there any special conditions attached?

    Where the matching funds coming from? One-half the matching funds must be secured at the time of application.

    Where can we learn more about the solar power generation facility? So far I’ve discovered that it will will cover three acres at the west end of the rail yard, across from Central Avenue and energy from the panels will feed into a substation in the yard that provides electricity for SEPTA’s Paoli-Thorndale line and Amtrak. The panels will provide 2 percent of the energy used daily by Amtrak and SEPTA.

    Strategic Realty is building it, under the supervision of Tredyffrin and Willistown Townships.

    Who is the actual Owner? Operator? Who is responsible for Maintenance? Security?

  2. I would be interested in the analysis backing up Mr. Drucker’s claim that this project will create 2000 permanent jobs in Paoli.

    1. So, according to your logic, since he delivered $1,000,000 of our tax dollars, he gets a free pass to claim 2000 permanent jobs – apparently it’s “absurd to now question the claim”. OK, John.

    2. What does the delivery of the check have to do with his assumption that 2000 new jobs would be created? What is absurd is this board. I would be great to have 2000 new jobs in paoli, and none of them being census takers.

      I think it is a fair question, and hopefully after fulminating over your guy Mr. Drucker, you can come back to that incisive, biting, and yes caustic analysis you are revered for.

    3. That is exactly what we need right now… 2000 new union jobs whose salaries and benefits are all paid for by the lowly taxpayer.

      1. No basis to refute his claim???? Mr. Petersen, you make a living on the board refuting claims. Do you not dare to question what some would consider a very large promise (yes hopefully private sector jobs).?? Why not? because it looks good not to question it. If Kampf had done something like this, we would read pages and pages on how he was full of crap.
        Mr. Petersen, I will go anyway you want, as you referenced on some answer. But for all your professed honesty, you blew it. You outed yourself, as if you really needed to.
        I can think of more to say but I won’t get personal. regards, Chet

      2. “Well…we have about 100 new union jobs in Tredyffrin – thanks to the new union that was forced to be created due to Kampf’s and Lamina’s way of dealing with unrepresented employees.”

        Wow John, is that an endorsement of Kampf by you? No doubt if Drucker was in Kampf shoes, you would say something like ‘Thanks to Drucker, we have about 100 new union jobs in Tredyffrin. He has done the right thing in ensuring that those employees are all represented.’ lol

        It might be just a ‘game’ to you, but to the real people who will be burdened with the taxes to support those jobs, it is real life and has real consequences. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that… you are obviously employing the ‘win at all costs’ approach to this campaign and don’t care who the tax burden falls on.

        With all the big $$ that Drucker pays out to his ‘consultants’, I’m surprised that your name doesn’t show up in his financial reports under ‘expenses’… Why havn’t you jumped on the Drucker campaign consulting gravy train? Looks like there is plenty of $$ to spread around there.

      3. “In reality, the union actually makes things easier for the township since they will have 1 collective bargaining group to deal with instead of individual employees.”

        So it was an endorsement of Kampf afterall. I knew you would come around.

        I guess you prefer a candidate that pays someone to be told what to say, do and think. Its your choice I guess.

        For all the time you put into bashing Kampf, perhaps you should just send Drucker an invoice.

  3. Mike –
    Although we can be sure that the Paoli Transportation Center is like to create many jobs, I too am interested in the future employment opportunity analysis done by Rep Drucker’s office. Perhaps his office could provide us with supporting economic documentation indicating the source of the information.

      1. I sent an email to Mr. Drucker’s office on Tuesday, requesting his jobs analysis for the Paoli project. I’ll pass it along when I hear from him.

        1. Mike – I also sent an ‘official request’ to Rep Drucker’s Harrisburg office last week – asking for the background analysis that was done to reach the suggested number of jobs that appeared in his press release. I am sure that there must be some type of statistic or formula that is used in the job determination. Between the two of us, let’s hope that we receive an ‘official response’ that we can share on Community Matters.

        2. Based on my earlier inquiry, I got the following response today from Maria Micolucci, Mr. Drucker’s Chief of Staff:

          “We are waiting for the documentation of that figure from the developer, Strategic Realty. As soon as I receive it, I will send it along to you.”

          Fair enough – I’ll pass it along to the group here.

        3. Anybody ever hear anything back? All this information was supposed to be submitted in the grant application. I’m wondering why it’s taking so long…

          From the RACP webiste:

          In order to explain the project’s impact, applicants are encouraged to use maps and to expand upon the following points:

          ***Number of direct (permanent, non-construction) jobs created by the project.

          ***Number of indirect (permanent) jobs created by support/supplier industries and secondary industries attracted by the project.

          ***Average wage for direct and indirect jobs.

          Economic circumstances of the host municipality’s and county’s population.

          Project’s potential to enhance regional vitality.

          Annual spending generated by the project during normal operations. Excluding construction spending.

          Annual spending that would be generated by support/supplier industries and secondary businesses attracted by the project.

          Total state and local tax generation (payroll, sales, real estate, etc.)

          Benefit to regional population, either directly or indirectly, from the project as a result of its day-to-day operations.

          Blighted area and/or facility elimination and/or reuse

  4. The station is a dump, and has been for years. But given the overall transportation and infrastructure needs of the area– especially a rail spur connecting Reading, Pottstown, Royersord, and Phoenixville to train transportation– one wonders if this is $50m that could be spent in a way that does more than merely making things more pleasant and safe for those who ALREADY have a station.

    I mean, new steps, a coat of paint, and an expanded parking lot are what’s really needed. That doesn’t have to cost fifty mil.

    1. John:

      So at 10:20am, it’s “absurd to now question the claim” – at 1:10pm, “I do think it is fair to question the analysis.” What did you have to drink with your lunch today (other than Drucker koolaid ;) ) ?

      1. Mike Mr petersen “tends not to pin politicians down on numbers” fascinating isn’t it. I agree, that Drucker Drink must have been spiked.

    2. Karlub
      Bingo….the idea that we are going to turn Paoli Train Station into the regional transportation center has Mr. P excited because I think he is contemplating real estate riches for his “location” home….just picture this fabulous busy area streamlined for 10x the commuter traffic coming to park at Paoli daily — that means more money and jobs right? (at least in the coffee shop). And again, that more jobs thing — we don’t have any tax that would reap benefits from any new jobs — and the jobs are not likely to be new — just relocated. (except perhaps for a few custodial or parking-related jobs)

  5. Mike — and for that matter everyone —

    Don’t waste your time, energy or logic on Mr. Petersen.

    An amazing number of people who comment on this site have asked Pattye to perhaps clamp down on him. An amazing number have called him to task for his incessant need/desire to always be right and always have the last word.

    John is what he appears to be: someone with his own agenda willing to take over another’s blog (despite having his own) and then call his rude and bullying actions covered by a “social contract” only he is aware of.

    Keep your comments coming, but the best way to deal with John is to ignore him. Nothing will drive him even nuttier than he already is!


  6. This township loves big checks! But seriously, nice job to Paul in securing funding for a Tredyffrin project. Maybe we can get a $1 mil check for the fire companies next….

    1. Can’t complain about a group unionizing for being treated “unfairly” and then complain that the GOP (?) doesn’t negotiate well with unions… Our economy has been predicated on growth — and growth fed everything. So stop with the GOP as the source of the contract issues — there is nothing political about sitting down at a table when the community has no interest in supporting a labor stoppage.
      The GOP does not cry foul — I don’t hear anyone crying but you — and you are whining.

    2. An even funnier assertion from John is that somehow, if Democrats were in control, they would be tough on the unions and drive a hard bargain.

    3. my point was it is NOT and aberration. To be elected to 30 years of control either says they are doing a good job, generally as the public defines it, or control by Democrats is actually scarier. You can pick.

      1. Because the voting public does not agree with you hardly constitutes them being morons. I actually think that because, generally, so few people turn out to vote, the morons stay home and the more informed voters show to vote. Someone like EJ demonstrates a strong political party’s ability to get someone elected as well as the other party not able to support someone better. I am not a fan of her. I was uncomfortable with her after her showing in the debates. She kind of reminded be of Aunt Bee when she ran against the more informed Howard Sprague. But Aunt Bee removed herself from running after she realized Howard was better suited. While EJ didn’t remove herself, apparently, as judged by the moronic electorate, she was the best. I keep asking myself how Obama got 53millon votes. Perhaps this supports my contention, and maybe yours with an addendum, that when greater numbers of people vote, the true morons come out of the woodwork, Chet

  7. Lured back into the nonsense by the ongoing rants of Mr. Petersen — perhaps he does serve some function. He’s the burr under the conservative saddle — cheering on people who defeatede his only effort to achieve power on his own.

    Okay — that’s mean. I agree with Mike that 2000 permanent jobs is not only high — it’s highly unlikely. For one, during a real estate downturn, jobs are only moved from one aging building to a newly renovated or constructed building. The entire TE School District does not employ 2000 people….to put that number into context. And for the record — only JP could turn a question about creating new jobs into another Kampf bash based on the non-union township employees unionizing “for not being treated well.” Not entirely accurate — they unionized because they could see what we all see in this economy — strike threats that come from a union result in power to the union — certainly not an effort to seek the greater good. So, while the union employees in the community (country?) continue to force job cuts and outsourcing, the people who manage to retain their jobs by seniority in their union (rather than by quality in their efforts) see an improvement in their working conditions. So thanks for trying to connect it to treating employees poorly — but this board has put a great deal of energy into the notion that it’s time to get tough with the teacher’s union….so I’m certainly not going to sit still for any out of context reference to our BOS getting tough with township employees (how many of those jobs were cut, by the way?)

    Thank you Pattye for agreeing that you would like to see the analysis as well. When you say it, I know it means you will go about the effort of finding the answers — not just waiting like a snake in a tree to jump on anyone quietly walking by looking for information.

    1. I consider Webster’s my “conservative” handbook….less government interference…which is why the GOP isn’t conservative (how could anyone want a piece of abortion rights and claim to want less government).
      You have an unceasing need to have the last word on everything on this board — and it’s always a tantalizing slap at the poster….
      The GOP did not control this community — the voters did…the demographic of the community was largely republican, but the fact that the Dems did not have a constituency or an organization is not the fault or the responsibility of the majority party.

      Your reference to poor management for 30 years in negotiating contracts is laughable. I’ll stick to schools for my example: TESD is in the top 10 districts in the state, and the tax burden is among the lowest. The issue with contracts now is that our own internal economy has changed and the source of funding is under stress — the property owner — so they are looking for relief. WHen you are trying to relieve your budget, you look to places that take a big bite — in this case, school taxes. The school tax is a big number compared to other “discretionary” spending (obviously not discretionary, but also not a fixed cost in that it is reviewed and negotiated). People with all the answers rarely have all the information….but acquiring all the information doesn’t lead you to only one answer…which is why reasonable people disagree. In your case, you have posed few if any solutions to anything, but have taken moot court delight in trying to engage in debates on topics without any moot court judge to proclaim the winner. So your continual suggestion that you want to debate is being met with indifference. the problem is, that any further comments are met on your end as if the poster meant to continue or engage in debate. Not.

      So this board is to exchange ideas and to disseminate information (I’m not usurping Pattye’s right to change that — but I believe she has said this many, many times). Gnats are annoying — harmless — but annoying.

  8. I just found out that Peter Monaghan (pictured in the photo) is a donor to Drucker’s campaign.

    Where is the righteous indignation and attacks on Mr. Drucker over that “pay-to-play”? If it is good for Kampf, it is good for Drucker, too.

    1. Drucker gets donations and then supports $1M to advance Monaghan’s project? Just because he’s not the person who helped get the project for Monaghan (who got that vote by the way?), it’s hardly a distinction with a difference.
      That’s not pay to play? Who cares about Kampf — just don’t act like this isn’t just as iffy….Drucker helps get funding for a project that the donor is doing out of the goodness of his heart? Or as a business plan?

  9. Id like to know too… But don’t hold your breath. Thats the way it is here., and if there is rebuttal, be ready to be treated to new levels of sophistry.

  10. So Peter Monahan donates $250 to Drucker and then BAM! he gets a check for a Million Bucks… That is terrific return on investment… I did not know State Reps cost so little today, I guess its a sign of the poor economy…. what a mess – why did Drucker not just suggest we use the proceeds from his tolling of 422 to pay for this outrageous project?

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