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Looks Like Tredyffrin Township May Have a New Finance Director

The Main Line Suburban Life newspaper is reporting that Radnor Township has hired a permanent finance director who will start in July with a salary of $127,000. Watching from the sidelines in Tredyffrin, the residents of Radnor have had more than their share of financial problems and it’s good to know that help is on the way for them.

The article also mentioned that this new hire in Radnor will be the regions best-compensated finance director and listed the salary of Lower Merion’s finance director at $114,921. At the end of the article, one sentence caught my eye — stating that Tredyffrin Township’s new finance director will start this month at a salary of $100,000. This was news to me — I checked the township website and I didn’t see an announcement (actually the website has the finance director position listed as still available). I have emailed the Board of Supervisors and Mimi Gleason for confirmation. I’ll let you know if Board of Supervisor chairman Bob Lamina responds.

As a taxpayer, I am very concerned about the township budget and its financial oversight and would feel more comfortable knowing that our township has a qualified finance director onboard. Here’s hoping that the news is correct.

Update: Mimi responded to my email — yes, a new finance director has been hired and will start on June 28. She offered that she could provide further details on that date.

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  1. Speaking of Finances — and back to Sewer Funds supporting street lights.. Has anyone any idea how or why the street lamps on Harwick (a cul-de-sac off of Upper Weadley Road) are quaint and new?? Will all of the townships lights be replaced with these??
    About a month ago I drove down that way and there was one of those speed control devices that shows your speed on this cul-de-sac — interesting thought then that this street must get special attention – and now new street lamps.. just curious……

    1. I don’t know anything about replacement of street lights on Harwick — I checked with a couple of people and could not find any answer. Do you think it is possible that the homeowners on Harwick footed the bill? We just had a couple of quaint street lights added on the DuPortail House driveway and they are very costly. In DuPortail’s case, fortunately the cost of the lights were donated by a couple of generous Chesterbrook residents.

  2. I live near Harwick and the old-town looking street lamps have been there for ages. We neighborhooders assumed the residents must’ve footed the bill because none of the other streets nearby have those! They’re really nice. Note that most of the streets off Upper Weadley have no street lights at all.

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