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Will Delaware Valley Friends School and TEYSA listen to the neighbors concerns about field lighting and other issues?

Last night a diverse group of people came together at Delaware Valley Friends School to discuss Tredyffrin Easttown Youth Soccer Association’s (TEYSA) artificial turf field and the associated open resident issues related to its construction and current usage. Representatives from DVFS and TEYSA met with local residents from Valley Hills, Paoli Pointe and Paoli Apartments. Also in attendance was township solicitor Tom Hogan, Zoning Officer Emmy Balderserre and township supervisor Kampf.

I am currently in Seattle and therefore unable to attend the meeting. I did receive notes from several Valley Hills residents and I will offer a meeting summary. (For any of you who attended the meeting, please feel free to offer your comments). Residents left the meeting with a sense that progress was made with the airing and discussion of issues. Two particular issues surfaced in the discussion; the lighting of the turf field and landscaping replacement.

The general consensus among the East Central Avenue area residents was they would prefer there be no lighting of DVFS field. However, it is understood that the preferred ‘no lighting’ option is probably not realistic. With that said, the residents believe that the current ‘temporary lighting’ is less desirable than a permanent lighting solution which would include usage covenants. One of the problems with the temporary lighting is the requirement for a generator whereas permanent lighting would not require a generator. The running of the generator is very noisy and additionally the temporary lighting is deemed to be more invasive to the neighbors. Although TEYSA representatives presented a rough lighting plan at the meeting, there is concern among the neighbors that TEYSA will drag its feet on the permanent light issue, due to the cost. It is hoped that a permanent lighting solution can be in place by fall which would have a calming effect on the neighbors most affected.

The open landscaping issue faired better with the neighbors although the planting season is a fall activity and therefore must be placed on hold until that time. The mature trees that were lost cannot be easily replaced; and the replacement landscaping will take time to grow.

The community members left the meeting feeling that real progress was made and that their concerns were heard by DVFS and TEYSA; it is hoped that the momentum can continue. It is my understanding that any changes to the turf field will require zoning board approval. Involving the neighbors in the discussion regarding the field’s usage, times of operation, lighting, etc. and any proposed zoning changes should allow for a more successful outcome. The community members were encouraged by Tom Hogan’s involvement in the process and it is hoped that he will continue to stay involved.

Obviously the meeting did not completely solve all the problems but the residents left the meeting feeling hopeful. I will look forward to hearing updates from the East Central Avenue neighbors.

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