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“Dysfunctional Politics of Washington Brought to Tredyffrin” . . . so says resident Bill Bellew

During the citizen – new matters portion of the supervisors meeting last night, township resident Bill Bellew delivered a well-written, measured statement to the Board of Supervisors concerning their actions over the last few months. His remarks primarily addressed the cut in fire funding and subsequent supervisor fundraising efforts and the St. Davids sidewalk decision.

Bill’s comments specifically addressed chairman Lamina’s recent letters to the editors in the paper and the leadership of the Board of Supervisors. At one point, Bill suggested that the Board had brought the “dysfunctional politics of Washington to Tredyffrin”.

In closing, Bellew remarks that ” . . . We are looking for leadership; not the bully pulpit. We are looking for progress; not drama. If you, Bob [Lamina], think you are doing the people’s business by the present day actions of this board, you are sadly mistaken. The political game is exactly that, a game. The Board was elected to govern, just do it. . . “

I believe that Bill’s remarks last night represent the concerns of many of us in the community. Listening to Bill’s statement, I would love to think that some of our elected officials would do some soul-searching . . . what’s the saying, if the shoe fits, wear it? But I fear that like myself and others who have raised similar concerns and questions of the Board, Mr. Bellew’s remarks will simply be dismissed. Or . . . will Lamina’s response be another letter to the editor?

Please click here to review see all of Bill’s comments captured on YouTube — his remarks are powerful!

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  1. Bravo to Mr. Bellew for his respectful but direct response to the Board’s questionable actions and partisan game-playing over the last six months. Enough, he said. It’s your job to govern. Please do it.

    Mr. Bellew singled out Chairman Lamina for his multiple letters to the local paper and comments from the dais that advanced nothing but showcased Bob as a bully instead of the leader this township needs right now.

    Coming at the end of a long, uneventful meeting, Mr. Bellew was riveting in his recommendation for an immediate change in tone and a focus on the Township’s business going forward.

    It was a breath of fresh air. Let’s hope it carries over and certain political campaigns can remain separate and apart from township affairs.

  2. I watched the BOS meeting – I was glad to see that Lamina and Kampf kept their remarks in check and were civil towards the residents. However, watching Richter on the topic of grants was a real joke. Guess that is something they don’t teach at supervisor training school. I would suggest that she do her training before the supervisors meeting not during the meetings — it’s just embarrasing to watch and see how little she understands about local government!

  3. I don’t understand the “what will be Lamina’s response” question. Lamina listened to the resident during public comment as is supposed to happen. That doesn’t mean he must reply or should reply…and no reply doesn’t mean that the resident’s comment goes unheeded. In fact, Bill’s comments were a statement of opinion — and don’t actually warrant or ask for a response. I am thankful that the public comment section went so well and Lamina listened politely; perhaps positive change on that front has already begun.

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