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Lamina Can Play in his Sandbox by Himself

Since Lamina’s letter was published in this week’s paper I have received many phone calls and emails from residents, and also some from neighboring townships. I think Lamina might be surprised to learn that many in this community do not share his ‘bully tactics from his bully pulpit’ partisan style of governing. (And to think that I initially offered excuses for Lamina’s behavior and missteps.)

Friends and family members have come to my defense against Lamina’s personal attacks and have wondered why I have not been more outraged. Simply put, Lamina isn’t worth it! I have always been a big believer in the mantra, what goes around, comes around, and I think eventually Lamina will get his due. In my world, everyone eventually pays a price for their bad deeds. If an elected official is determined to be a bully, misrepresent the facts and cover-up their actions . . . there’s no point in getting upset.

Lamina might be sadly mistaken if he thinks his words at the Board of Supervisors meeting or his outrageous diatribe in the paper have somehow improved his standing in the community. No, I would suggest just the opposite. An elected official who degrades its residents and refers to those who disagree as ‘gnats’ cannot be respected. A wise friend once told me (when I was upset about something a stranger said about me) – – – isn’t it more important what those closest to you think about you than a complete stranger? I think this friend was right, . . . Lamina can play in his sandbox by himself.

Here is a new response to Lamina’s letter, which appears in the Main Line Suburban Life, which I found interesting:

diamondgrl wrote on May 6, 2010 5:38 PM:

” In MR. Lamina’s world, black is white and citizens’ questions about the appearance of pay-to-play politics have only ONE motivation – partisan mudslinging.

Also Mr Lamina seems to adhere to the same thinking as a former president who insisted, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.” According to Lamina, those of us who don’t accept his storybook version of unprecedented generosity from township businesses and individuals – including $5000 from a single supervisor, are a danger to the community and had better “put politics aside for the good of the community” – that is, keep our mouths shut.

But there are many in Tredyffrin who believe adequate dedicated funding for fire/EMT services is essential going forward and should be paid for by all who benefit – that is, all residents and businesses located in the township. Funding should never again be dependent on “holiday firefighter fund drives” solicited by public/private officials, or the whims of tax-averse supervisors, one of whom is running for election on a platform of no new taxes.

As for Mr. Lamina’s laughable attempts to politic on behalf of his friend Warren Kampf and throw darts at individuals and groups who have opposed their votes and conduct – even suggesting we are “gnats” nipping at their heels -well, he is nothing more than a buffoon and a bully. He has lost the respect of many former supporters, and should seriously consider taking his own advice : put politics aside “for the sake of the community” and stop putting in jeopardy one of our township’s… ACTUAL cherished qualities… -our strong sense of community – REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL AFFILIATION. “

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  1. Interesting diamondgrl response. But she loses me when she says former president said ” with us or against us”. What does that have to do with the issues surrounding Mr. Lamina? I think every AMERICAN understood what the “former president” was saying, and we were on board with that. Time makes many of us complacent. We can discuss our terrorism strategy another time, but diamondgrl loses me on this analogy. I hope this and future federal administrations understand the nature of our enemy and pursue a vigorous offensive against them. You don’t like Lamina? Vote him out.


  2. “lost the respect of many former supporters”.. vague, hearsay and unless names are provided, this is gibberish. If a supervisor indeed did donate 5k to the cause, maybe we can get him to donate more next time. I think he/she writing a check from his/her personal account is very generous.

    Now, on to the debate of funding fire and EMT…..

  3. Pattye, what an image – a hulking but child-like Bob Lamina with his knees up against his chest, playing in a tiny sandbox…..

    Chet, diamondgrl’s reference to GW Bush seems pretty clear to me. Like W., Bob Lamina believes anyone who disagrees with him is “against” Tredyffrin.. He describes those who question the way contributions were raised for the fire companies as threatening the very qualities that make Tredyffrin great – bla bla bla. Bush and Cheney used this tactic over and over. Anyone who didn’t support the war in Iraq, unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy, the gutting of environmental protection laws, the unfunded mandates for education etc were un-American…So the tactic is familiar – and just as distasteful..

    People disagree on the role and direction of government. Their voices should be heard and respected. But tell that to Chairman Lamina.

    Vote him out, you say? In my view, it cannot happen soon enough.

    1. Kate, so narrow a view, I have to respond. Sort of like President Obama… ” we won, so its our way” (paraphrase). Unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy? Ok, we should have funded them.. We’ll end up with less” wealthy”, more will be closer to being wards of the state.. the new constituency for President Obama and all will be well in the egalitarian society of American liberalism. I really don’t think Lamina wants a “with us or against us” township. He did win the election and is going to carry out his ideas on what the Township should look like, Like it or not. I am not sure about his style and I have not had personal issues with him as Pattye has had…I often wonder if those who want to be heard and complain about lack of a voice are those on the party outside looking in. Seems like politics as usual.

      Gutting of environmental protection laws? Ever deal with the EPA? Good luck!
      So we can discuss the parallels to that terrible bush/cheney regime compared to the Lamina regime if you want. But maybe, just maybe there are some voices out there that approve of the Boards decisions, and of Lamina’s as well. DIscussion and dissent are what its all about. I never met Mr. Lamina,but I have to think this man has won elections, has put himself out there, gets little pay for his aggravation and takes shots from folks who disagree, or whose feelings he has hurt. Jefferson and Adams didnt speak for years, yet their hearts were with the best interests of our fledgling country..

      In the meantime, the Obama Administration is reigning terror in northern pakistan with the unmanned drones, he has kept most if not all of the “despicable” Bush Cheney security measures and virtually no one is complaining.. Enjoy the day. It is still great to be an American. Still. For now.

  4. I have heard much about this blog and thought I would read and learn more. I take it that Bob L. ‘s little rant in the local paper does not sit well — but voting him out cannot happen anytime soon either, right? His buddy Kampf has a far stronger campaign than his competitor — so Bob L. will win the day and probably be proud of himself for it. When people feel part of something exclusive, they enjoy being part of it even more…keep the riff raff out.
    I thought Chet meant Nixon…it’s his paranoid style that I find in Bob’s sermon.

  5. Chet — you are all over the place here. What exactly is your point? Lamina was elected — so what? So was obama. Does that mean no one can be disappointed with his performance? Anyone closely watching this board of supervisors is bound to be troubled — because it’s one mistake after another. Four people are imposing their will. Bob Lamina has absolutely no sense of the limitations imposed on government. And no interest in hearing about them. This is not politics as usual — this is Tredyffrin as usual. Before citizen journalists, no one scrutinized them. But at least blogs like this allow people to exchange thoughts. Read Bob Lamina’s rant again and perhaps you will reconsider any comparison at all to national issues — international issues. This is about a township of 30,000 or so people. Lamina calls anyone who challenges his view as gnats….by the way — gnats nipping??? I think he mixed his metaphors.

  6. Township reader, you seem to grasp my point even as you say I’m all over the place. It’s just politics. I happen to disagree with your assessment of the gang of four and Lamina’s lack of awareness of government limitations. My point is that the losing coach always blames the referee. Too metaphorical?

    Gnat’s nipping? Sounds to me that he is describing some pesky opposition. So what? Insulted? Thin skin and politics don’t go together.

    I find it interesting that those who complain about a power grab locally are happy with the power grab in Washington..Talk about rewarding pay to play, paybacks to public and non public unions, and on and on… Is any moderate minded person as bedeviled by this as much as he is by poor Mr Lamina, Supervisor of only 30000 people ? Come on TR, do you understand me at all now?

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