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Board of Supervisors Meeting . . . wishful thinking that Lamina would apologize

I attended last night’s Board of Supervisors Meeting which turned out to be uneventful. Although it was my understanding that Chairman Lamina was out-of-town and that Paul Olson (as Vice Chair) would fill in, Lamina returned in time to attend. Wishful thinking on my part but I hoped that Lamina would feel compelled to make amends with an apology for his behavior from the last BOS meeting. Always believing in the ‘half-glass full approach’ to life, I thought that Mr. Lamina might have reconsidered his inappropriate political party and resident motive remarks from the last meeting and offered some kind of apology. Like I said, . . . wishful thinking on my part!

There was one interesting appointment which was a bit confusing. During the New Matters from supervisors section, Kampf stated that he an appointment that he should have made during the liaison reporting — I thought he said that he was the liaison to the Historical Architectural Review Board and was making an appointment of Jean Sauer to the HARB Board. If that was the statement from Mr. Kampf it was incorrect; the appointment of Jean Sauer was to the Trust (Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust). Mr. Kampf is the liaison to the HARB but the Trust is not a Board of the township and we do not have a supervisor liaison (we are a separate non-profit 501c3 organization). When the Trust was created, the charter does require 2 appointments from the township; currently serving in that capacity is Trish Kreek and Judy DiFilippo. Due to term limits, Judy’s term was ending this month (however, she remains on the Trust as a Board member, but not a township appointee) The Trust Board is thrilled to have Jean Sauer join us, I just want to set the record straight that there is no supervisor liaison to the Trust and that Jean will be on the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust Board not the HARB.

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    1. Christine, HARB’s application for the Historic Commission is currently in review by the Planning Commission. Pending further discussion between the PC and the HARB members, it will then pass to the BOS for discussion. I’m not quite sure on the timeline but I’m hopeful that we will have resolution by September.

  1. Funny, on one hand everyone got mad when Lamina said that people were political activists — not Democrats, but activists in the Dem Party. Now Mr. Petersen says the Dem Party should show up en masse.

    Lamina still needs to apologize for his manner, but I think TTDC showing en masse proves his point.

    1. My suggestion that Lamina owes me an apology for his behavior is personal to me — he doesn’t have to do that at a BOS meeting (earlier I suggested an email or a phone call). However, as chair of the BOS, his dismissive and insulting behavior was witnessed publically so last night’s short meeting agenda would have presented the perfect opportunity. Oh well, opportunity lost for Mr. Lamina. But for the record, I am not a political activist for any political party. However, I will support Tom Murray’s (Main Line Suburban Life editor) labelling of me as ‘community’ activist.

      1. You say he doesn’t have to do it publically, but you ask for it publically. Sounds like something you would accuse Mr Lamina of doing… Big grandstander will this get through? or is it too much out of the parameters of good Democratic discourse

  2. Pattye —

    I will accept your distinction of “community activist” but think that the mass of the public would — because you were a candidate for Supervisor in one political party — put you into a political category.

    May not be fair, but it is one of the pitfalls to running for office. That said, it is also something that over time can be “undone.”

  3. Bob can’t help himself again. Read his latest ‘As I See It’ in the paper. He is a true patriot. We could ask for no better leader.

  4. Let’s not worry about what party Pattye represents — can we talk about the advertising blitz WK is doing — and how KB is barely on the radar? I got a wonderful KB mailing about his principles, but I’ve gotten 4 WK mailings about how he will fix harrisburg and save us taxes and be fiscally active….Can someone tell KB that while politically savvy people know that is drivel, John Q. Voter eats up that stuff — it’s a concept that sticks with them. Suing the Borough isn’t really all that meaningful in a primary between two Republicans. You are the better candidate Mr. Buckwalter — step up and tell us why — the campaign is about marketing…

  5. Sitting in the shadows —

    I assume you have read this blog for a while. You have seen WK get beat up for last year’s budget. How can you say that his mailings say he did cut the budget and wants to bring the same type of budget cutting to harrisburg is drivel.

    fine, disagree with WHETHER he can do it because of the cesspool Harrisburg really is, but you can’t say that his actual record and his desires/plan if he becomes a state rep are drivel.

  6. FTW
    I am suggesting and concluding that any politician that fills their campaign with “fiscal restraint” is offering drivel — find a candidate that doesn’t promise that. I’m actually agreeing that is what sells and appeals to voters. The “drivel” part is pretending that anyone goes to harrisburg with any other intentions…
    And after Lamina’s lame as I see it this week, I think the claim of ZERO tax increase budget that we all know was due to playing with the numbers (cut fire funding, increased sewer fee to the general fund revenue) was more about running for this job than doing township business.
    Ironically I like WK and wish he proved to be a more authentic person than a “do what it takes” politician…but i feel he has demonstrated a significant lack of character in joining the emperor in his wardrobe design.

  7. There are candidates who don’t promise fiscal restraint: they promise to continue increasing funding for this and that — sometimes pretty much across the board — regardless of economic climate. This spring Rendell did it — and his entire House Dem caucus voted for his budget proposal. That was another billion in new spending on top of the billion deficit from their increase last year.

    I agree: lots of candidates will say it. Democrats and Republicans across the country are singing that tune.

    My only point was Kampf did it. He cut the budget. Whether you agree or disagree with those cuts, it’s hard to believe that someone who did it once isn’t willing to do try and do it again if it’s necessary. That’s the only reason it rises above “drivel” and only in this specific instance.

    1. I will be voting for Kampf in the primary.

      If he loses, I will be voting for Buckwalter in the fall as he is better than Drucker to me.

      I’d rather have Kampf for two reasons. One, he is a Tredyffrinite and not someone from outside the township so where possible he will best represent Tredyffrin’s interests. Secondly, he will most likely vote with the republicans all the time which is something I want. Unfortunately at this point, Drucker votes with the democrats all the time.

      Buckwalter is a wildcard – who will he vote with? If you say he’ll vote the ‘issue’ and not the party than that is not reality. I am afraid that Buckwalter is too moderate and may vote with democrats on issues.

      1. “I am afraid that Buckwalter is too moderate and may vote with democrats on issues.”

        According to In The Middle, Bipartisanship has no place in Harrisburg. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Isn’t Pennsylvania a politically moderate state? Could you be a more close-minded voter?

        Democrat or Republican: Principles before Politics!

      2. You are kidding, right? You do understand that Kampf cannot beat Drucker. You do understand that, right? If you want to see the 157th. back in GOP hands, Buckwalter is your best choice.

        Has Mr. Kampf, to date, best represented our interests? He’s not a friend to fire fighters and first responders. He subordinates the needs of regular folks to the rich country club sect (St. Davids). Kampf claims to be a “small business owner” when it is plain as day that he is not one. I understand that to brand somebody a liar is rough language. However, when some up here do that in regards to Mr. Kampf, the shoe fits. How else do you define the word. It applies to somebody who knowingly perpetuates a fact as true when it is not.

        By the way, as far as Mr. Kampf always “siding with the Republicans”, have you ever looked up Mr. Kampf’s political donations? I have. Guess what? He’s personally donated to Democrats. Check this out:

        Look at #3. Dan McCaffery was a DEMOCRAT, seeking the DEMOCRATIC nomination for Philadelphia District Attorney. Warren Kampf, a REPUBLICAN gave to this DEMOCRAT.

        So then, exactly what do you mean when you say that Mr. Kampf will “side with the Republicans.” It appears that Mr. Kampf is more of the wildcard.

        Let’s look at Mr. Kampf’s latest mailer. This is the one with Kevin Mahoney. Does anybody remember when Mr. Mahoney, a REPUBLICAN candidate for school board, actively sought the DEMOCRATIC ENDORSEMENT. And there is Mr. Mahoney, right there next to Mr. Kampf.

        Of course, there too is Mr. Lamina and Mr. Olson, our resident Democrat haters. But I guess in this case, all is forgiven? How about Mr. Kampf’s personal DEMOCRATIC DONATIONS and those of the law firm he owns. He owns the law firm, right? He’s a small business owner, right? He must then approve campaign donations, right?

        Almost forgot, let’s not forget Mr. Kampf’s wife. She is a former TTRC member. Back in 2006, she gave to Bryan Lentz.

        At the time, Mr. Lentz was a DEMOCRATIC candidate for the state house. Today, he will be going up against Pat Meehan in the 7th Congressional District.

        Seriously, let’s put this myth that Mr. Kampf and his crew are good Republicans or that he will necessarily side with Republicans to rest. Mr. Kampf is about one thing, himself.

        Mr. Buckwalter is a true conservative, one with actual credibility. To side with Kampf on the sole basis that he is a “Tredyffrinnite” has to be the most absurd thing I have ever heard.

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