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Today is the Last Day to Register (or to change your registration) for Pennsylvania’s May 18 Primary

Voter Registration Deadline Today

Today is the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania’s May 18 Primary. It is also the last day to change your registration from one political party to another. To register will require you to go to Chester County Department of Voter Services by close of business today.

Chester County
Department of Voter Services
601 Westtown Rd., Suite 150
West Chester, Pa. 19380

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  1. Why voting is so important this May,

    Apparently, the TTRC, at C.T. Alexander’s direction, didn’t want to distribute Ken Buckwalter’s literature in spite of the fact that Ken is a recommended candidate. Could the Kampf Campaign be more unfair? Fortunately, the Chester County GOP told C.T. and the TTRC that they must distribute all recommended candidate literature.

    1. The Primary will decide whether Ken Buckwalter or Warren Kampf is the State House 157 Republican candidate for November’s general election. Since neither Buckwalter nor Kampf were endorsed by the GOP, but both were recommended — would that mean that going in to the Primary they are equal ground? If that is the case, I would assume that the entire 157 district would have campaign literature from both candidates. As chair of the TTRC, wouldn’t Mr. Alexander understand how the process is supposed to work?

  2. Are we surprised by the actions of CT and friends? This is the same guy who supported comparing years married as a requirement to be elected.

  3. actually, there is no rule that requires the lit of both recommended candidates to be distributed. it can happen through a friendly agreement between candidates or because an individual committee person wants to. the ccrc suggests committee people should do it, but don’t require it.

    look at last year’s race between randzin and duke — committee people did what they wanted based on who they supported

    finally,keep stretching on bashing kampf. ct alexander made the decision, not kampf’s campaign.

    has anyone heard if phoenixville is distributing both? go ask their republican chair person.

  4. I like how you change the subject.

    The fact is you are bashing someone for doing nothing wrong — something that is well within the rules. when that is pointed out and your argument is moot, you go to Kampf bashing.

    at least apologize for putting out false attacks about alexander first.

  5. “anon” and “from the west” I would like to clear a few things up.
    You speak as if you have some involvement, if true why not use your real name, I mean you have a right to your opinion.
    The discussion over literature supplied from the RCCC and whether or not committee members could choose to not put one of the recommended candidates pieces out did happen. There was however no direction given to the committee to omit any specific candidates literature by anyone. There was discussion and difference’s of opinion on the issue, which was settled by the RCCC. That clarification was that all literature supplied by them be distributed.
    Lets respect the process, the committee failed to endorse a candidate therefore multiple candidates are put fourth for the Republican party (the voters) to choose. There is nothing wrong with letting the voters make the decision we couldn’t. This is the best system of election on earth and when it is all over we will have candidates chosen by the real leaders of the party “the People”.


    Giovanni D’Amato
    TTRC West , Chairman

  6. Gio –

    Get your facts straight. If a candidate is recommended (& not endorsed), then that lit is to be distributed. Then as you say, it’s up to the voter to make his/her decision.

    But we all know that certain committee members do not and will not work for certain candidates & refuse to put out their lit.

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