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Save Ardmore Coalition Syndicates Community Matters

Save Ardmore Coalition, a 501c(4) nonprofit civic action organization has syndicated Community Matters and added it to their blog roll. Save Ardmore Coalition (SAC) whose tag line is “Working Together for Lower Merion’s Future” is one of the earliest community grassroots organizations in the area and has attracted an impressive following. Believing in community input and consensus building, SAC has lively discussions and debates on school board meetings, township meetings, community events, etc. Many of their local government and budget issues are similar to Tredyffrin Township and we can learn much from sharing our experiences.

On the bottom of each of SAC’s pages, you will find a listing of the blogs they support, including PA Watercooler, Conservative Reform Network, Postcards from Lower Merion, and now Community Matters, along with most recent posts from each site. I thank SAC and appreciate the recognition of Community Matters. By increasing the traffic to Community Matters, we continue to shine light on important issues in our community. A greater awareness of the issues is a first step to finding solutions. Thank you SAC.

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