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Judy DiFilippo Officially Endorses Ken Buckwalter for 157th State House District’s Republican Primary

For those who follow closely, a couple of days ago, Judy DiFilippo’s endorsement of Ken Buckwalter for the 157 was on Community Matters briefly and then removed.  The confusion has been resolved — here is her endorsement.

Former Tredyffrin Township supervisor and candidate for the 157 State House District seat herself, Judy DiFilippo has decided to formally endorse Ken Buckwalter of Phoenixville in the Republican Primary.  Below is Judy’s endorsement statement:

The 157th State House District includes Tredyffrin, the Borough of Phoenixville, Schuylkill Township, and 6 precincts located in Lower Providence and West Norriton Townships in Montgomery County.  Two qualified candidates were recommended by the members of the Chester County Republican Committee in this District for our consideration in the Primary Election.  As voters, we must now do our part and choose the person whom we believe will best represent the Republican Party in the General Election and then serve the citizens of the 157th District.
This is not a ‘Tredyffrin seat’ nor is it a ‘Phoenixville seat’.  As candidate – and now U.S. Senator – Scott Brown said, “It is the People’s Seat!”  It is my belief that Ken Buckwalter is running for the People’s Seat.  I have observed that he is guided by principles, not politics.  He has shown his ability to garner support from voters across ‘party lines.’ On behalf of taxpayers, he is capable of making tough decisions about budgets and quality of life issues.  Though in the minority, he has worked with his fellow elected officials for the ‘greater good’ of the community.
As a small business owner, he has first-hand knowledge of how the economy affects jobs and our families.  In addition, he understands the benefits of volunteer organizations and has been a volunteer himself.  Ken has reached a place in his life where he can devote himself fulltime as a Legislator. All of these attributes deserve our consideration.
While each candidate is qualified, after long and careful thought, I have made my choice.  On May 18, 2010 I will cast my vote for Ken Buckwalter in the Republican Primary, the candidate who will represent the 157th District in the People’s Seat.

Judy L. DiFilippo

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  1. This is interesting news – I can not imagine that Warren is all too pleased. First there was Carole Rubley and now Judy. Have the fire companies or police department endorsed a candidate for the 157?

  2. This is a very nice endorsement for Ken. Reading between the lines, it speaks volumes. Because of their non-profit status, volunteer fire companies cannot officially endorse a political candidate over another. I have not heard that the police department has endorsed either candidate. I wonder if they will, since Warren is still a Tredyffrin BOS member. They may wait until after the primary to endorse a candidate.

  3. The police department has an FOP association very capable of making an endorsement like they did for this past supervisor election.

    There were no incumbents running in that election, so it probably freed them from having to make an endorsement against a sitting supervisor.

    That’s not a luxury they have this time.

  4. I think the FOP will be careful. In 2009 they backed a candidate and lost…now the person they worked against is sitting on the BoS. Luckily, he is a reasonable guy so I am sure it is water under the bridge for him, but it might give the FOP cause.

    What I am confused about is why anyone is shocked by Judy’s endorsement? Two times in a row Carole Rubley pushed her to be the endorsed candidate; she lost those fights and in 2008 basically sat on the sidelines and this year endorsed the oppositie candidate of the people who said “no” to Judy.

    Judy following in Carole’s footsteps with this endorsement is no shock, it’s more political sour grapes.

  5. I would be surprised if the FOP endorses Warren Kampf at any point for the 157th. Although, he does have a credible law background. I could see a possible Ken Buckwalter endorsement based on his background in emergency services. As previously discussed Kampf is the main reason the Tredyffrin police went into arbitration in the last couple of years. The FOP backed Paul Drucker at the county and state level if my memory serves me correct in the last election.

    From the West you are correct that the FOP will be careful, but as with any union or special interest group they will pick the candidate that they believe understands the issues of their cause the best. I can only assume that police officers don’t like elected officials who are clueless and have to learn on the job.

    Regardless of endorsements the focus needs to be on the candidates themselves. Issues…Issues…Issues!!!!

  6. Kampf was a criminal prosecutor as well. That may hold them off or draw even with the Buckwalter fire company service,

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