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Update . . . Tonight's Supervisors Meeting

My primary reason for attending the Board of Supervisors meeting tonight was for the announcement of the Sidewalks Subcommittee members. Three members were chosen from the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Sidewalks, Trails and Paths (STAP) Committee. Supervisors Kichline, Donohue and Richter; Planning Commissioners Bob Whalen, Trip Lukens and Vicki Snyder; and STAP members Sean Moir, Jim Donegan and Molly Duffy are the 9 members of the Sidewalks Subcommittee. Township Manager Mimi Gleason will serve as the facilitator of the committee.

After the announcement of the Sidewalks Subcommittee, I expected an outline of the committee with a stated process; but none was offered. What was the meeting schedule – how often would the committee meet? Would the meetings be open to the public? What was the timeline for the committee? Will the community be given regular updates at future supervisors meetings? In other words, I was looking for specifics on the subcommittee and the process.

In a review of the February 22 Board of Supervisors meeting minutes, I found the following:

” . . . He [Lamina] said the plan is to have the new subcommittee begin work in March with the goal to conclude the process by the end of this year. . . “

So during the next 9 months, I guess the Sidewalks Subcommittee will begin a process to re-examine where the community wants and needs sidewalks. I believe that the end-goal is for the Board to adopt formal policies and procedures to provide guidelines for the development and construction of sidewalks in the township. Although not mentioned tonight, I am assuming that the subcommittee will set a goal to include the residents through area focus groups. Transparency and openness of the Sidewalks Committee is going to be important if the community is to trust this process.

I have publically stated, and remained concerned, that during this re-examining process by the Sidewalks Subcommittee there are liability issues to the township from developers/contractors doing work in Tredyffrin. As long as the formal policy on sidewalks remains a ‘open issue’, this liability will exist. Here’s hoping that the Sidewalks Committee is able to get underway quickly, remain focused and meet their goals and objectives by the end of the year.

Another item of personal interest to me tonight was the Mt. Pleasant town hall meeting. Scheduled twice before and cancelled each time due to snow, I am pleased that the meeting is re-scheduled for next Monday, March 22 at the First Baptist Church on Upper Gulph in Mt. Pleasant. Today I had received an invitation to attend the meeting from Officer Larry Meoli and was glad to hear the town hall meeting mentioned tonight. Supervisors DiBuonaventuro, Kichline and Richter will be the liaisons from the Board of Supervisors at this Mt. Pleasant community meeting. Also in attendance will be representatives from the township staff, police and zoning.

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  1. Well said, Mr. Petersen. I’m new to all this political stuff, but even I saw through it and it made me giggle a bit. Kampf was on a roll.

    What about the Shire-works? Is it common practice to have a corporation sponsor a municipality’s fireworks? What are the implications? We will be indebted to them in any way?

    In preparation for last night’s meeting, I read that Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitagation Plan. Basically it just allows us to petition the federal government for money should we suffer damage as a result of a natural disaster. All 73 municipalities have to sign it. I have a question though, I saw that Tredyffrin’s total assessed value was over $3.4 billion. This is about double the total of East Bradford $1.2 billion, East Vincent $1.3, New London $1.9, West Bradford $1.6 and West Goshen $1.3. All the other municipalities fall way below these numbers. Why is Tredyffrin’s assessed value so much higher than any of the other 73 municipalities in Chester County?

    As for the Mt. Pleasant Community Meeting, I was very disappointed (but not suprised) to learn that Mr. Paul Olson, OUR District 1 Supervisor, will not be attending.
    I wonder why this is?

    Finally, the Sidewalk Committee. I echo Pattye’s questions regarding the specifics. I have thought a little bit more about the issue and I have some things I’d like to see addresssed such as:

    The Mount Pleasant neighborhood is zoned R-4.
    R-4 Residence Districts are designed to provide high intensity development opportunities in selected locations of the Township. These districts are intended for areas with sufficient infrastructure of roads, public water, public sewer, SIDEWALKS and PATHWAYS, and are planned to be located primarily near places where one can shop and/or work. As such, the R-4 Districts permit the highest densities of residential use, and allow for the greatest variety of housing types. (From Tredyffrin’s Codebook)

    I’m interested in learning what the new sidewalk committee will decide regarding Upper Gulph Road. We currently have approval for 17 new housing units (and the potential for many more) 15 of these homes will be twins on about .17 acres of land. I believe that if we are subject to R-4 zoning allowing for dense housing, we should get the sidewalks and pathways that go along with it. Does this mean limiting sidewalks only to the four small avenues that make up Mt. Pleasant? Paul Olson doesn’t want “sidewalks to nowhere” and neither do we.

  2. I am awaiting campaign materials coming from the Kampf camp. The ALS issue is one that he simply can take no credit for. The main ALS vote took place in November 17, 2003. This vote was whether to accept the provision of ALS by the Tredyffrin Township Police Department. This vote failed by a 4-3 vote. Those who voted against were Judy, Bill, Brooks, and Trish. Those against (not suprisingly) were Paul, Bob and John Bravcos. Warren did not come onto the Board until 2004.

    In effect, this vote secured ALS for the Berwyn Fire Company – this was THE VOTE. All discussions after that focused on minor territory and financial issues. I know, I was there at that meeting (I do not remember seeing Warren there but I could be wrong).

    This is not an attack on Warren, it is simply fact. If I were advising Warren’s campaign, I would advise that he simply NOT address emergency services as a platform issue. He is weak on the topic, has not been a friend to emergency services, and clearly does not get it. Any attempt to take credit for positives in emergency service issues should be called for what it is – misrepresentations.

    Oh yeah, and all the funding he secured for the fire companies, how about giving credit where it is due – the volunteers who jumped up and down, did all the leg work, asked for the consultant, forced the meetings, and engaged the public.

  3. I had the opportunity to view the meeting at home. While I disagree with Mr. Peterson on several issues, he is right on the mark with his comments. The grandstanding and sudden love for the fire service is nice, but very shallow given the recent history of Mr. Kampf’s actions. If Mr. Kampf had attended last month’s meeting, watched a re-run or read the minutes he would have known that the Fire Department topic was brought up and addressed to Mr. Lamina.

    We need to worry about Tredyffrin Township, not Mr. Kampf’s political career.

  4. To the best of my knowledge, the value of the township is based on combined assessed value of the taxed parcels in the township. I could be slightly off on that or there may be some equation to get the number, but it is based somewhat on that.

    And on a side note, I think the grandstanding of Mr Kampf is getting ridiculous. It is a FORMAL, DOCUMENTED, BUSINESS MEETING of the township, not a campaign commercial or debate. I think (hope) everyone see’s through it. It started with the big fake check to the fire companies after Bob & Paul did all the work raising the money. Warren took the public credit. Give it a rest!!!!

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