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State Rep Paul Drucker to Host Job Fair on March 31 in Phoenixville

State Rep Paul Drucker’s March newsletter arrived in the mail yesterday and contained an important announcement for those in the community that are looking for a job. Together with PA Department of Labor & Industry, Rep Drucker is hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, March 31, 2-5 PM at the Phoenixville Civic Center, 123 Main Street, Phoenixville. The job fair will include a resume writing workshop and job hunting seminars. Job opportunities at all levels will be available.

Rep Drucker is reporting that the following industries are confirmed to be on-hand:

  • Human Services
  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Non-Profit
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Early Childhood Education

Employers from various additional industries are also expected to be in attendance. The event will also feature job opportunities for veterans. Admission is free and business attire is encouraged. This is good news for local job-seekers. If you are in the job market, mark your calendar for March 31. Thank you Rep Drucker for offering this opportunity to the residents in your legislative district!

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  1. nice to see Rep Drucker doing something for his constituents. I think hiring will not occur until CHANGES occur at the state and federal level. Any wonder why things aren’t getting better?

    Small business owner.

  2. So let’s see: jobs got cut, taxes stayed stable and Tredyffrin has not fallen off the face of the earth. The police continue to patrol. They even managed to plow the snow through the worst winter in decades. My question isn’t how many jobs were cut, but with the fact that so many things continue to operate exactly the same way, were they really necessary.

    NO ONE likes to see people lose jobs, but I think governments can probably trim at almost every level.

    I would tell people who care about jobs to call Mr. Drucker and tell him to start making our state competitive with others when it comes to taxes, regulation, etc.

    When employers can go to North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, etc. and do the same things they would do here cheaper, they are going to do it.

    No job fair or any other window dressing is going to fix core problems of competitiveness that are driving employers and jobs away instead of attracting them.

    If you don’t believe this theory, just look at Philadelphia and the suburbs. Over the last 20 years, many major companies left the city to come to the suburbs (including Tredyffrin) because it was cheaper and better to do business there. It is exactly the same thing, just on a smaller scale.

  3. Jane,
    Let’s hope that you don’t ever need one of those people that was laid-off from the township — like the police. With your theory, maybe you would suggest that the twp doesn’t need to fill the Finance Director position. You know we will just keep downsizing and tightening the belt, to what end . . . ? Have you been to the township building lately? Better yet, have you called the township number lately? The front office person that answered the phone and directed the calls was laid off . . . so good luck getting through to an individual, better know the person’s name and extension.

  4. i guess i am different. i think the twp is run well and, of course, the fin director position should be filled. that said, i am unwilling to continually spend more for little to no benefit. the police themselves said the cuts did not harm their abilities to keep our community safe, so that argument doesn’t seem to hold much water; of course, i am sure john p will tell me that was some sort of political conspiracy and i am wrong.

  5. john p, i think it is obvious what Ciarrocchi wanted to do and Kampf to. it seems to me that apparently you hate any brief analysis that isn’t yours.

    i would think it is cutting the CSF tax — one of the few states that has it / one of the highest rates / one of the most onerous taxes out there

    bring cni tax in line with other states to be competitive

    workers comp reforms

    tort reform

    maybe end PLAs and closed shops that drive up employer costs

    basically, things that would make PA competitive when trying to bring new businesses here and help the ones already here

  6. John —

    Didn’t promote Kampf a bit…answered your simple question.

    As you admit, you are a Kampf basher and it is clear nothing will every change that.

    As best I can tell, Mr. Kampf is a partner in a law firm… hat makes him a business owner. Or, does that only count for your law practice?

    I give up b/c no matter what is said, you twist to your own purpose: bashing Kampf.

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