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Tredyffrin's Finance Director position is now available . . . Township in need of Chief Financial Officer

The position of Finance Director is available in the township. Yes, our current Chief Financial Officer Dave Brill has given notice to the township; it is my understanding that he has taken a similar position but closer to home. I know Dave personally and he has been a real asset to the township. Dave understood the larger financial picture in the township and responded with forward-thinking and a vision for the future. His thoughtful, management style in dealing with township issues and resident concerns will be sorely missed. I offer Dave best wishes for his future position. Dave’s departure is a township loss, but now his position is available.

I thought there might be some local residents that are looking for a new job opportunity in their backyard. Do you have the skill set to serve as Chief Financial Officer for Tredyffrin? If interested, I have included the job specifications below. I have emailed Mimi Gleason for a salary range for the position — if I receive a definitive response, I will let you know. [Just heard back from Mimi; the salary range is $90-100K] . This could be an opportunity for someone to live and work in their own community. Although it may not be possible, I would like to encourage the township manager and supervisors to consider giving ‘bonus points’ to hiring a Tredyffrin resident for the position. (Of course, I assume that the Tredyffrin resident is equally qualified as the non-resident applicant). Please forward this post to friends and neighbors who may be qualified for the position and are currently unemployed, or looking to make a job change.



Chief financial officer of the Township; provides leadership and coordination of Township financial planning and budget management functions.

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, finance or related field (master’s preferred) and a minimum of ten years in progressively responsible financial management positions. Must be bondable.

Email a cover letter and resume to .

Job Description: Runs the finance department, reports to the Township Manager.

Requires knowledge of:

•government finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles, including generally accepted accounting principles.

•internal control procedures

•record retention and safeguarding requirements regarding journal entries, account reconciliations, and general ledger reports

•federal and state financial regulations

Requires ability to:

•independently perform professional accounting work, including analysis of financial data, financial/accounting reports, statements, trends and projections

•supervise, evaluate and improve accounting operations and recommend and implement financial policies and procedures

•understand and utilize general office and specialized accounting and reporting software

•motivate staff to produce quality materials within tight time frames and simultaneously manage several projects

•participate in and facilitate group meetings

•maintain confidentiality when working with sensitive or personnel-related records

•communicate effectively orally and in writing

•establish and maintain effective relationships with employees, officials and the public

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Manages and supervises finance staff to achieve goals within available resources; plans and organizes workloads and staff assignments; trains, motivates and evaluates assigned staff; reviews progress and directs changes as needed.

2. Analyzes monthly and year-end reports to confirm revenue and expenses are in accordance with budget; recommends cost control measures or other improvements where appropriate.

3. Develops an annual report of revenues, transfers, and expenses for all funds.

4. Manages cash flow and the investment of idle funds.

5. Prepares financial analyses for union contract negotiations and significant purchase decisions.

6. Works with department heads and staff to develop five-year operating plans.

7. Recommends benchmarks for measuring the financial and operating performance of departments and measures performance against the benchmarks and operating plans.

8. Works with department heads to plan for purchases and resale of vehicles and equipment.

9. Assists in the preparation of the annual budget and in monitoring budget compliance.

10. Serves as staff liaison to the Municipal Authority and Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee.

11. Coordinates with underwriters, bond counsel and rating agencies relative to issuance of short- and long-term debt.

12. Explains financial policies, procedures, reports and ordinances to Township staff and elected and appointed officials and recommends appropriate modifications.

13. Keeps abreast of new legislation, regulations and amendments that could impact Township accounting or finances and advises on relevant implications and applications.

14. Provides professional advice to elected officials; makes presentations to elected officials, commissions, civic groups and the general public.

15. Other duties, as assigned.

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  1. Township residents should get bonus points, if qualified and combat pay if hired!
    Find out what Dave’s 2010 salary and Benefits are. Compare with adjoining townships. While checking other townships why not compare wages for Manager, Engineer and office staff. Maybe our folks are underpaid. A few months ago Dave’s assistant, who was very qualified, left for Coatesville. Wonder why?
    Maybe the same reason Firefighters are paid with promises and cardboard checks.

  2. Dave’s departure is a loss for Tredyffrin. I spoke with him on many occasions and he was a good person and good finance director. I hope that he is replaced with someone equally as competent and who is a good fit in the position.

    We have some solid long-term employees and I hope that the supervisors and residents alike recognize this. We have already lost too many good people through lay-offs and voluntary leaves. On a related note, all residents should continue to be aware that the Tredyffrin Fire Marshal (hired a few years ago) also left voluntarily. He was never replaced. Tredyffrin is far too large of a township (in structure and population) to be without this position. Contrast, for example, Upper Providence Township in Montgomery County, which has three full-time fire marshals. This should be kept in mind when considering fire funding – the volunteer budget was cut and this vital position (which enforces fire codes keeping the volunteers as safe as possible) is also vacant.

  3. Neither Easttown nor Radnor (I don’t believe) have fire marshals. I am unsure about Willistown. Lower Merion, Upper Merion and East Whiteland have fire marshals as well.

    1. Radnor and Willistown both have Fire Marshals. Easttown does not.

      Roger makes a very important point, little to no enforcement of the current fire codes puts an extra burden on the volunteers. It’s a “Double Bubble” If you look at some of the other comparable townships, their code enforcement departments are a significant revenue generating part of their budgets.

      I believe Tredyffrin has budgeted for only $10,000 from Code Enforcement fines and violations in 2010

      Sorry to have taken the thread off topic.

  4. I remember that Dave Brill was the hire after the Harry Marrone nightmare. Does anyone remember Harry? He’s the Finance Director that stole from the township — I’m sure some of the supervisors recall that time in our history!

      1. Dave in Valley Forge —

        Dave Brill did not work for Harry Marrone. Dave was hired after Harry Marron was arrested and no longer employed by the township. I double-checked the facts with Judy DiFilippo.

  5. I find it funny that people are bringing up Marrone and the current Supervisors. I think there is exactly ONE supervisor — Olson — who was in office when Marrone was hired and was stealing from the public. At least some of the other supervisors were elected just before it was found out what Marrone was doing — and they were part of the BoS who instituted the new controls and helped make sure Marrone was fired, prosecuted and returned the money to taxpayers. The rest of the Supervisors came along after everything.

    1. Janet,

      I agree with you regarding the relevance of Harry Marrone in this thread, I don’t see it either. Unfortunately you also cite a bunch of facts regarding the Marrone embezzlement and the TT BOS subsequent actions re Marrone that are simply not accurate.

      For the record there are three sitting Supervisors who were in office during Mr. Marrone’s arrest for the thefts of township funds (L, O, & K). I also believe two of these three (L&O), were also in office when a township bookkeeper was arrested and convicted of embezzlement in 2003, two years prior to the Marrone thefts.

      The assertion that these three (LOK) deserve any credit for the arrest, prosecution, or sentencing of Mr. Marrone is simply not supported by the facts of the case in any way.

      Agreed that they (LOK) were part of the board that instituted some new financial controls and procedures as result of the thefts. Actions akin to changing a tire after it has gone flat…. Not especially forward looking.

      They were also members of the board of the Township that up until that time had insufficient controls and procedures to prevent this type of theft from occurring, twice. Had the township had in place standard checks and procedures Mr. Marrone hopefully would not have been hired by TT in the first place, and certainly not have had the opportunity to commit these crimes.

      Lastly, I am not sure that all of the recommendations of the “Lamb Report” [the committee recommendations that were produced in response to the two embezzlements] were ever ultimately adopted by the TT BOS…

    2. That is not entirely true. Lamina was also there during Marrone’s tenure (maybe not when he was hired). By the way, what are the new controls that were intstituted?

      1. David Brill was introduced as the new Township Finance Director at the January 3, 2005 BOS Meeting. According to the minutes, he previously worked at Air Products in Allentown and “has an undergraduate degree from Penn State, a Masters of Business Administration from Lehigh and is a CPA. ”

        A David J. Brill of Macungie, PA is listed as having an expired CPA license as of 4/30/1996. This is the only David Brill listed in the Pennsylvania online license verification service. Is this the same person?

        A person might have to pay a hefty civil penalty if they held themselves out as, or otherwise used the title or designation “Certified Public Accountant” or the abbreviation “CPA” tending to indicate that they were a certified public accountant or engaged in the practice of public accounting in Pennsylvania and were not licensed to do so.

        Also, a person could be fined if they performed any activity requiring licensure under the CPA law – audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements.

        According to a 2004 Daily Local article, Tredyffrin’s then Township Manager Joseph Janasik said David Brill, Marrone’s replacement submitted to a full background check.

        1. Anon,

          Are you suggesting David Brill is holding himself out as a CPA when he is not? What is your evidence?

          Your comment is slanderous.

          The real difference between an accountant with a CPA designation and one without is that only a CPA can express an opinion on whether the financial statements of a public company (or township) present fairly its financial position. See definition below.

          The ‘Chief Financial Officer’ of the township does not need to be a CPA (but it might help).

          The job description posted by Pattye says no where that a CPA designation is needed or even desired.

          Do you have something against Mr. Brill?

          ‘A CPA, the common acronym for Certified Public Accountant, is an accountant licensed by a state board to engage in public accounting. The requirements to become a CPA vary by state, but each CPA candidate must pass the Uniform CPA Examination and fulfill certain experience requirements. After gaining certification, a CPA is required to take continuing professional education courses to keep current on developments in the field. Both a CPA and a non-CPA can offer services in a wide range of accounting areas — such as tax preparation, forensic accounting, and estate planning — and often perform similar duties. Only a CPA, however, can express an opinion on whether the financial statements of a public company present fairly its financial position. Thus public companies commonly hire a CPA firm to prepare the annual 10-K required by the Securities and Exchange Commission This form provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements.’

        2. Dave IS a CPA, but inactive. You don’t need to be a CPA to do Dave’s job at TT – take a look at the job description. What is your agenda?

  6. Homeless….so there is this homeless man who from time to time shows up walking the streets of our community. When I first saw him late one night as I was driving by him, he arose suspicionin me. I called the police. They quickly responded, identified him and let me know of the situation. The officer said there is basically nothing they can do, they were aware of him and he wasn’t committing a crime. So my question is: what is the policy in Tred vis a vis homeless? Can this man wander freely? Is he loitering? Is that a crime? Do we have to wait until he commits a crime, or shows up in someone’s backyard, etc before he is removed, at least to a shelter? Can his collegues come to Tred, knowing they can roam freely on the streets? I really don’t mean to sound cruel, and homelessness is a problem, but whats a citizen to do? Saw him yesterday, last night, and the car ahead of me almost ran him over as he was hard to see walking on the side of the road. I think there should be a policy in place for homeless, to protect them and the community as well.

    1. Are you serious? A policy regarding the homeless because you saw one homeless person? Are you allowed to walk on the public streets, sidewalks, etc.? If he trespasses on private property, call the police for trespassing. I’m not sure homeless people have “colleagues” either. If he is simply wandering around, what is the issue? Unless he violates a legitimate township ordinance, there is no issue.

      1. I completely agree Roger. How does Chet know the person is ‘homeless’. I would think reaching out to an organization like T/E Cares might be an appropriate source to find help for this person (that is assuming that he even needs help). But if the person is simply walking, what is wrong with that? I know that we live in a society where people tend to drive everywhere but unless the person has trespassed on to private property, why should the police be involved?

        1. Pattye – You are showing your sidewalk bias (“I know that we live in a society where people tend to drive everywhere”) :)

        2. Pattye,

          With all due respect, if you saw this guy roaming your neighborhood. acting the way he does (erratically), passing by your house more than a few times a day, you might have a different opinion about it.
          Should I wait until this guy finally snaps and hope that my family is not hurt?

          1. yes. Let him commit a crime then deal with it. Proactivity is politically incorrect, even if he is a billionaire. HE IS a minimum

        3. don’t you think I know if someone is “simply walking”? Come on pattye, you can do better than that. You are too quick to agree with your friend Rog….

    2. Chet,

      I’m wondering if this guy you have seen is the same guy that i’ve seen roaming the neighborhood between gateway shopping center and valley forge park? He has a long straggly beard and hair and usually has a shirt wrapped around his head, wearing running shorts when its warm? I’ve watched him walk 50 feet, right along the curb, then quick turn around and jog for 25 feet, then quick stop and turn around and walk again… reminds me of those crazy homeless dudes in the city who yell at buildings.
      Anyway, I asked around and found out that this guy lives on sullivan road with his mother. No joke.

      1. I have seen him on West valley Road and on Pugh Road, as well as on Swedesford road. I think you have the right guy. He walks fast one way then goes the other. very bizarre. But i wonder if it is the same because I saw the police drive by him and the officer identified him as homeless, and as someone who comes into the township, then leaves for awhile, then returns again.

        He may very well be harmless. The police need to watch this though. rather he be dealt with humanely than have my kids confront him near our garage. Maybe won’t happen but why take a chance.

          1. Mike & Christo – Your comments add a lot to this thread. Thanks.

            Good to see some of the air of civility and respect that Mike posted about a week ago?

            “my hope is that EVERYONE will think about the tone of their comments and take the high road,” said Mike in Berwyn.

            1. Mal Republican:

              It was a joke – as a Republican, you’re allowed/required to have a sense of humor. And actually, I was referring to John as the possible homeless person, although his hair was nicely trimmed and he was lookin’ good on the Good, Bad and Ugly just a week or so ago.

  7. I see that guy all the time in my neighborhood. He just walks, and walks, and walks…

    Not sure where he lives, or who he is. Does not bother anyone though. He could be a billionaire that just like to walk! Who knows…

    1. Or he could be a guy who is mentally disturbed, lives with his mother and got in trouble with the police years ago for exposing himself and painting the naked bodies of young girls in the neighborhood.
      Michael Jackson was a billionaire too, does that make everything OK?

  8. The topic of this post was about a position available in the township — that of Finance Director. The thread is no longer on the topic. To let everyone know, only posts related to the Finance Director position will be added to this thread. At some point in the future, perhaps we can discuss the topic of ‘Homeless in Tredyffrin’ in depth. Thank you for your remarks on this subject.

    1. Pattye, I knew I was starting a now topic on the FInance directors thread. I am sorry for that, but forgive my ignorance… how do you start a new thread?????

      1. If you have suggestions for topics you are welcome to email me at . I often have readers send me suggestions or background information on a topic that they are interested in, and if after researching the topic I find it of value and interest, I will write about it. But ultimately I have the final decision on all topics. To follow comments on a given thread is difficult enough without injecting a new topic in the middle of a thread. I thank you for your comments but if you have a specific subject of interest, it would be best and less confusing for all, if you make the suggestion directly to me via email.

  9. You would be more useful reporting potholes. Everything can’t be perfect in ‘Pleasantville’ Tredyffrin. I don’t think the township is planning on hiring a homeless person.

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