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Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors Meeting, 2-8-10 . . . YouTube Video Part V: Residents Pattye Benson, Liz Feinberg & Supervisor DiBuonaventuro's Response

As I have said from the beginning, for me the decision to return St. Davids escrow is not about sidewalks. It is about the failure of certain supervisors (Lamina, Kampf, Olson, Richter) to follow the policies and procedures as set forth in Tredyffrin’s Home Rule Charter. I find it remarkable that as elected officials they make the choice to disregard the rules (deciding instead to govern as they please), apologize for their actions and then expect the community to just move on. I stand behind the comments that I make in this video clip. The actions of Supervisors Lamina, Kampf, Olson and Richter have now set precedent; with liability to the taxpayers for lawsuits as a result of this vote. When asked at the January 25 supervisors meeting, township manager Mimi Gleason agreed that the return of St. Davids escrow has now set precedent for future developers doing work in Tredyffrin.

Supervisor DiBuonaventuro’s response is an interesting section of this video clip. His comments and understanding of the citizens stands in stark contrast to remarks made by Supervisors Lamina and Kampf. I know many of us thank JD for hearing the residents and trying to ‘right’ the wrong of the decision to return St. David’s escrow.

Please watch this video clip: YouTube Video Part V: Residents Pattye Benson, Liz Feinberg & Supervisor DiBuonaventuro Response

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  1. Thanks for the work in getting these video clips on to UTube. I really liked what you had to say — how can Olson & co. think that this township will not get sued by contractors over the St. Davids sidewalk decision? This is ridiculous — the township gets sued and who pays for the legal bills??? Us! the taxpayers. The residents should make Olson, Lamina, Kampf, Richter personally responsible for any legal fees incurred as a result of their stupidity! I’m really glad to see that there is one elected official who knows how to think for himself — JD is going to have to singlehandedly get this ship going in the right direction again. I would like to think that he had the help of Michelle and Phil, but I don’t think either one of them opened their mouths on Feb. 8.

    Keep up the good work with Community Matters.

  2. I too appreciate JD, but I think your concern about Phil and Michele are premature. They are new — they presumably have things they want to accomplish in their time on this board, and if they had anything to say on the 8th, it would only further solidify their marginalization by the bloc of 4. I’m sure they have had significant personal exchanges outside the camera and are clear that the vote is not going to be changed — there really is little benefit to a board member becoming a paper tiger at this stage of their political career.

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