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Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors Meeting, 2-8-10 . . . YouTube Video Part 1: The Apology of Lamina, Kampf & Richter

The Board of Supervisors Meeting on February 8 was important for many reasons. I wrote about the meeting in my post, United in their Resolve, Residents Speak Out. Many residents attended that Board of Supervisors meeting and I know that many watched at home. But I thought it was important to capture some of the important commentary of that evening, so my husband Jeff has kindly put together sections of the supervisors and citizens comments from that meeting and is in the process of uploading them to YouTube. As they are uploaded I will post them on Community Matters. I added a new page to the front-page of Community Matters, If you look across the top, you will see a tab for YouTube Videos. Going forward, you will be able to locate all relative videos by clicking on that tab. Hopefully, this will make it easier for residents to review.

YouTube Part 1: Tredyffrin Township Supervisors Apologize . . . Lamina, Kampf & Richter Supervisors Lamina, Kampf and Richter make their apologies for the vote of January 25. Their apology is followed by citizen comment. First to speak is Dariel Jamieson, newly elected chair of the Tredyffrin Township Democrats. Ms. Jamieson speaks to the issue of Supervisors Olson and Lamina speaking disparagingly of Democrats in the newspaper, in emails and also at the January 25 board meeting. Supervisor Lamina had little response for Ms. Jamieson in regards to his actions.

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  1. This is a great service for the community. Thank you to you and especially your husband who has kindly put these clips together. I look forward to watching these. This is something that has never really been done, with a few exceptions, and is an important component of getting this information out to the community.

  2. Thank you, Pattye, for posting the clips.

    For some reason, during their apology, I kept flashing to an Andy Reid day-after press conference, his “I’ve gotta do a better job with that…” and then nothing changes.

  3. I hope all have noted that only 3 of the 4 Supervisors who voted for the St David’s motion on January 25 have apologized. Paul Olson has not and that speaks volumes. Olson’s term is up in 2012 as are the the terms of Lamina and Kampt.

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