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Bringing Attention to our Small Business Community, State Representative Paul Drucker Chooses Paoli for Re-Election Campaign Office

State Representative Paul Drucker is kicking off his State House 157 re-election campaign and Paoli office opening this Monday, February 15. His new campaign office is located at 12 E. Lancaster Avenue, across the street from Starbucks and the Paoli Train Station.

Due to the economic downturn, Paoli, like so many areas of our community, has empty storefronts. Conditions for small business remain challenging. Taking one of those storefronts for his local campaign office provides Paul with continued visibility in the community; highlights the Paoli Train Station redevelopment project; and brings attention and awareness to Paoli’s small business community. By keeping the flow of business and energy in the neighborhood, everyone can play a vital role in regenerating the economic growth of Tredyffrin. I am looking forward to our community emerging from survival and in to the growth mode, ready to focus on the future again. Supporting the business community of Tredyffrin Township supports everyone. State Representative Drucker’s campaign office in the heart of Paoli will provide an opportunity for residents to understand the ongoing need for revitalization and encouragement of our township business community.

I applaud the choice of Paoli for State Representative Paul Drucker’s campaign office but would suggest that his website, needs to be updated. I just checked and the last entry is November 2008, following his election to the State House.

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  1. So, how do we get small businesses together so that they can learn from each other and expand? It has been my experience that the last year has had many opportunities for growth – we opened a new store and doubled our employees. But it wasn’t always easy – we almost closed in 2007 but we were fortunate to know other busines owners who gave us advice on what to do and how to change. Now, we are trying to get the word out to help other businesses – too many business are failing because the owners don’t know how to change and compete… Any suggestions for us?

  2. Smart move for Paul Drucker. Where is Warren Kampf’s campaign office? Does Kampf have a website for his election? Maybe he is waiting to sign a lease until the Chester County GOP makes a decision whether or not to endorse him next Saturday. With all the negative press of late, especially his last performance at the BOS meeting, I cannot believe that the committee members will so easily hand over an endorsement. The clock is ticking Warren, you have 7 days to convince them that you are their choice for the 157. (I suggest that you don’t have then watch the BOS reruns).

  3. Having Drucker rent a space in the heart of Paoli directly across from the train station shows how dedicated he is to local business. This really shows how serious he is to the upcoming paoli transportation center. I’ts funny even Doug Pike has his campaign office on the same strip.

  4. I don’t think it shows dedication — it shows that he knows what works. I don’t remember whose office was there, but the corner office was either Schulz or someone in the past. It’s a visible spot with great access from the train station. It’s a good choice — but it is, after all, an election year, right?

  5. Y’all may be interested to know that the storefront he selected either used to be– or is right next to– the storefront one of his prospective GOP opponents operated Buckwalter Framing for many years, before he outgrew the space.

    Small world, huh?

    If it is the exact same storefront, maybe Ken Buckwalter can stop by and give him some tips about quirks the space may have!

  6. Oh, and in case people were wondering: Ken Buckwalter’s main office will be in Phoenixville, on Church St. That’s where Ken lives, after all.

    I am not aware where Warren’s office will be. And no, he does not have a web site.

    Ken does, though. Google him up! It’s better for the organic search rankings if we make you do it that way. Ken also has a long-time blog where he has been giving people news about municipal government since long before he thought he would be running for General Assembly.

    It is called “Watching Phoenixville.”

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