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Tredyffrin Twp Board of Supervisors Meeting Tonight . . . St. Davids Sidewalk Issue, a Photo Essay

Tonight’s Board of Supervisors meeting is shaping up to be one for the history books. It would appear that some of our elected officials have become entangled in quite the spider’s web. The actions taken at the January 25 Board of Supervisors meeting, the resulting vote to return St. Davids escrow, the newspaper articles, Letters to the Editor, discussion on Community Matters, etc. have left many residents pondering the state of our local government.

I have remained consistent in saying that the sidewalks are not the issue; however, I believe that many people probably do not understand the bigger picture and the ramifications of the Board’s actions to our township and its residents. Having said that, I think it would be helpful for people to look at this photo essay. Thank you to the local TTDEMs for helping the community better understand through photos and description this section of the township, which Supervisor Olson consistently refers to as ‘sidewalks to nowhere’. A special thank you to Sean Moir for his mapping skills, which clearly show the section of the St. Davids sidewalk.

Here is the Board of Supervisors agenda for tonight’s meeting.

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  1. GREAT Photo essay, it lays out the issue in full depth. The quotes demonstrate the truly astounding arrogance of the supervisors.

  2. If you live in Mt. Pleasant come to this meeting. You have this issue, along with your student housing issue that Paul Olson has no clue about.

  3. John Petersen… you do nothing constructive for this community… all you do is complain and hide behind your “first amendment rights”… at times you have some good points but they get lost in you “I’m smarter than everyone else in the room” attitude… bottom line is you come off like a jerk and therefore add no value to the process of governing and debate. Show some respect and maybe – just maybe your will get some back… for the time being you should shut up.

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