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Tredyffrin's Republican Candidate for State House 157 Withdraws from Race . . . Leaving me with the Question, Where is the Integrity and Honesty in this Township?

I have really struggled for the last 2 days as to how write this post. On Wedneday night the TTRC held a straw poll which included the State House 157 race. There were 3 candidates — Judy DiFilippo, Warren Kampf and Ken Buckwalter. As a result of the straw poll, Judy did not feel that there was support from the Republican committee for her to continue in this race.

Challenging myself to remain fair and balanced on issues, I feel compelled to speak out on this topic. Sure, Judy and I have been the best of friends for nearly 20 years, so I openly admit to bias when I say that many Republican committee people of Tredyffrin Township simply ‘got it wrong’ on Wednesday night. It escapes me why you would not support the person with the highest level of integrity, honesty and commitment of anyone that I know. Judy is the kind of person who governed with honesty and fairness, as she did for 20 years as a member of the Board of Supervisors. Judy doesn’t look at issues based on a political slant, or make decisions based on how many votes that she may ‘win’ or ‘lose’. Judy didn’t just ‘serve’ the township, she was one of us . . . she loves this community and its residents, not because it was her ‘job’ but because she believed in us!

But instead, many of the township Republican committee people cast their vote for Warren Kampf. Have you not been watching the actions of Mr. Kampf for the last 2 months; his decisions in regards to the BAWG report, the $50K cash offer from St. Davids, the political ‘cardboard check’ for the firefighters rather than restoring funding to the township budget, and then his latest decision . . . casting out policies and procedures of our local government in lieu of ‘making up the rules’ and setting precedent for special treatment for a country club.

I know many of the Republican committee people personally so I am left wondering, when did integrity, honesty and commitment to this community and its voters stop mattering? With her withdrawal from the race, Judy is no longer a choice for the Republican committee members. Before you take your vote to Chester County Republican Committee meeting on February 20, I would encourage you to seriously review the actions of Mr. Kampf on the Board of Supervisors (particularly during the last 2 months). After review, I think that you should then look at Republican candidate Ken Buckwalter from Phoenixville. I had the pleasure of meeting Ken and he represents that same type of commitment to the community as Judy. He believes in serving all the residents with equal and measured leadership. I want to see a May primary between current State House Rep Paul Drucker (D) and Ken Buckwalter (R); they both represent experience, honesty and integrity.

Even as Judy makes the disappointing decision to leave the State House race, she does so with her brand of honesty and truthfulness. Below is an email sent to her supporters:

Dear Friends –

As many of you know I have been seeking support as a candidate for the 157th State House District. I am writing to you to let you know that today I have officially withdrawn my name from consideration.

A straw vote taken last evening showed that the majority of the Republican Committee members have decided to support one of two other candidates. I have called both of them and wished them well as they endeavor to win a recommendation or an endorsement.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the support you gave me through your words of encouragement, by your willingness to allow me to use your name on my letterhead, or by saying, ‘How can I help?’.

I know not what the future holds, but I know I have been blessed with your friendship.

With deepest gratitude,


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  1. My vote would have been for Judy. It’s OK for you to be biased Pattye, Judy represents what is decent and good in Tredyffrin. The only reason to hope that Warren Kampf is the primary is to watch Paul Drucker roll right over him! Aren’t you also a friend of Paul’s?

  2. Pattye

    I am a daily reader to your web page and I enjoy it very much, but I had to comment for the first time. You are so loyal and nice to judy. however I asked and she never supported you for township super. you say she is fair and community minded but she would not support her best friend just because you ran as a democrat? that is not friendship. that is a very hard person, who is only thinking about what party a person belongs to. and what did it get her? nothing. that’s what she deserved. people saw what she did to her best friend.

    keep writing and God bless you.

    1. John,

      my friend here at arbordeau told me there were two spots for township super. why didn’t judy support her friend for the second spot? I am confused on this. couldn’t judy have supported both michelle and pattye. when I voted I voted for two supers.

      my friend told me judy only goes with her republican party.

      I dont know of politics, but I do have many years and people are being fooled. judy tries to make everyone happy and ends up making no one happy. she is not a true soul.

      pattye should find a new best friend. she is a dear lady.

      God bless you.

  3. As was posted elsewhere in the blog, I don’t think Judy has the stomach for the ugliness that is becoming politics. WHile I am disappointed for her, I am not disappointed in her — and I believe she has the best ahead as she seeks new opportunities to bring people together for a worthy cause. Politics is broken. YOu mention a primary with Ken and Paul — wouldn’t they face each other in a general election — or is it decided in May?

    1. If I understand the system, Ken and Warren face off at Chester County Rep. Committee meeting on February 20. One could be endorsed, both could be recommended or neither are endorsed/recommended. In all likelihood, both of them appear on the May primary ballot against Paul. However, based on the primary results only one of them will be on the November ballot against Paul. Someone correct me if I have it wrong.

      1. You have it mostly right, Pattye:

        At the Feb. 20 committee meeting, with only two candidate running the only options are as follows:

        1) One candidate secures 60% of the votes: That candidate is endorsed.
        2) Both candidates exceed 40%, neither can crack 60%: Then those candidates are “recommended”.

        If both candidates are recommended, they are largely left to duke it out amongst themselves in a primary. Sometimes, the party apparatus will support one of them on the sly, but this can cause real controversy.

        But if one candidate is endorsed, that candidate receives institutional support in the primary against other GOP opponents. There is no way for both of them to be unendorsed and unrecommended.

        Ken, obviously, would disagree (I think) on your overall assessment of Mr. Drucker, seeing how Ken is in this race to unseat him. But I think your assessment of Ken’s motivations and record are pretty accurate: He’s always just done this stuff out of a sincere and even idealistic desire to serve the public. Also, he has always done a great job of being attentive to all his constituents. That doesn’t mean he governs by polling, but it does mean he has always taken a measured approach while still effecting real reform.

        He fired up a Facebook fan page the other day for anyone interested in following him that way:!/pages/Buckwalter-for-PA-General-Assembly-PA157/330882097177?ref=ts

        Warren, to my knowledge, has no website, still sends e-mails out of his personal client, has no Facebook page, and has never had a regular blog.

  4. Pattye,

    You & I think alike on this. You left out that Judy was also the most qualified of the 3 to run for the state house. We have learned the hard way, you can’t “buck the system” (ie TTRC). I trust voters in the 157th will wake up & vote for Ken (R) or Paul (D) and wipe Warren off the face of the earth (along w/Guy). Warren is not the right candidate for the 157th, and he certainly won’t have my vofe in May.

    Get ready for a nasty campaign folks. It should start right after the primary if Warren wins.

    I hope Ken’s supporters don’t cave & make a deal. We need him in H’burg.

  5. Judy would be great as our rep in the 157. Has anyone thought about her running as an independent???? Just curious.

  6. This is how the local Republicans operate. They shake your hand with the left and stab you in the back with the right. Sorry Judy you should have seen this coming. Can anyone say Carole Rubley? They want a certain candidate, usually who is pro-life and against providing core services with tax dollars. If you don’t meet both of these requirements you are dead in the water. They would rather see a wishy-washy Republican candidate get elected, rather than a strong moderate Republican or level headed Democratic candidate. There are some good local Republican committee members, but their latest actions as a group have caused me to question what their real motivations are.

  7. Why won’t Judy step up and give her endorsement to Ken?? How could she possibly have any loyalty to Warren, or his supporters in the TTRC at this point?

    I truly believe that Judy has a tremendous amount of support and respect from a very large population of Tredyffrin citizens. Her support for Ken could be very meaningful for him in Tredyffrin when we get to the primary.

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