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Do CT Alexander's "Actions Speak Louder than his Words"?

Do Actions Really Speak Louder than Words?

Maybe we can apply that phrase to TTRC Chair CT Alexander’s Letter to the Editor in this week’s Main Line Suburban Life. Mr. Alexander claims that he signed the ePetition for the reinstatement of the firefighters budget cut, when we now know that his name does not appear on the list. On one hand, Mr. Alexander publically speaks of his support for the firefighters at the December 21 Board of Supervisors meeting and in his position as Chair of the Tredyffrin Township Republican Committee he commits $5,000 in matching funds to the firefighters. (It appears from my correspondence with Mr. Alexander, that his organization has almost completed their $5,000 committment). So, . . . do we want to believe that Mr. Alexander was not using his position as Chair of TTRC in a politicizing manner but want to believe his actions were pure and out of support for the fire department?

Then on the other hand, in his Letter to the Editor, I quote Mr. Alexander, ” . . . From earlier shows I remember Bill’s encouragement to sign an Internet petition in favor of re-instatement of the Berwyn Fire Company’s budget cut from the [Tredyffrin] township’s 2010 budget. I signed that petition and added that I had a plan. . . “ We know now that Bill DeHaven never spoke of the ePetition on any of his Good, Bad and Ugly shows. But we have further learned that the Firefighter’s Support ePetition does not contain CT Alexander’s name as he claims in the Letter to the Editor. Not to “beat an old horse” myself as Mr. Alexander suggested of Bill DeHaven, is there significance in the words that Mr. Alexander wrote? Does it matter that Mr. Alexander apparently did not speak the truth when he wrote his letter? Or, is it just important that he made good on his promise and delivered most of the TTRC’s $5,000 donation to the firefighters?

I am trying to understand the motive behind Mr. Alexander’s words but maybe the motive doesn’t matter . . . You decide.

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  1. “I signed that petition and added that I had a plan”

    I remember seeing his name on there and in his comments he did write something… it doesn’t appear to be there now.

    Who’s is the admin of the petition and would they have any possible reason to remove his entry?

    1. I don’t know the administrator of the petition nor can I imagine why there would be reason to remove name(s).

      I know that I just went back through all 500+ names to double-check and make sure that Mr. Alexander’s name was not on the list – and I didn’t find it.

  2. John, After reading many of your posts on here, I have come to the conclusion that you may need an anger management class. From where I stand, I see a group ( the TTRC) and members of the board of supervisors who came up with a solution to a budget crisis to help fund the shortfall in funding for the fire department. While I agree that the services the fire department are invaluable to our community and should never be short changed, you must also agree that this recession has been extrordinary, the depth of which nobody could have foreseen and calls for solutions that need creativity. John, at the same time the TTRC and the board were raising money in the community to help, I ask you – what were you doing except complaining and criticizing on these boards. Difficult times like this call for action – not name calling. I challenge you to work positively and help us make this a better community. The people in T/E and really accross this country are starting to realize that government can’t provide for your every need and we need to do more as individuals to make things work.

  3. Anon remembers seeing C.T.’s name on the e-petition –

    in his/her dreams.

    bc it never appeared on the petition. All those who signed and confirmed their signatures (a 2-step process) were automatically added to the list. No one was eliminated. This is a confirmable fact.

    And why would anyone wish to remove Alexander’s name from the petition? It would have represented a small victory for those supporting the restoration of fire/ambulance funding to its 2009 level.

    Maybe Pattye is right, that it doesn’t matter that much if C.T. signed it or not since most of the money has been collected.

    But it matters to me that the head of the local Republican Party felt the need to lie about this. It was totally unnecessary and so easily disproven – except in the alternate reality that is the local Fox News world……where one person’s claim that he/she “saw it” is enough to create doubt…..

    An BTW, Mr. Bailey, please get over your sense that the TTRC and the BOS came up with a solution. Unless you consider mobilizing for major damage control after a tone-deaf, politically based decision “ma[de] this community a better place.”

    This community would have been best served if the funding had never been reduced in the first place – since it was such a puny contribution of tax dollars to begin with.

    The fact that fireworks funding was voted INTO the budget on the same evening that the supervisors refused to take 5% cut out is on the record.

    No song and dance or Ch3. 3 news spin about a “holiday drive” can change that.

    1. “And why would anyone wish to remove Alexander’s name from the petition? It would have represented a small victory for those supporting the restoration of fire/ambulance funding to its 2009 level.”

      How would that represent a victory?
      Isn’t the opposition to CT better served with his name off the list?

    2. From the ePetitions website:

      ‘When your petition is approved and published you may login to your account and further manage your petition. You may choose to suspend your petition temporarily or to manage the signatures if you wish. The choice is yours.’

      1. John, do you know for a fact that he did not sign the petition?

        The only person who knows for certain is the administrator of the petition.
        My hunch is that if they are CT haters (like you), after they read his letter to the editor, they saw an opportunity to ‘get him’ and deleted his entry.

        There would be no need to remove the others, or any other comments. In fact, leaving the other names on there would help to add credibility to their claims.

      2. While the subject of whether C.T.’s signature ever appeared on the e-petition is one that should be put to rest, just a further clarification.

        Yesterday I spoke directly to the administrator of the e-petition. She assured me that no one’s name was removed from the list , that she’d welcomed everyone’s support and was happy that it represented a very bi-partisan group.

        No, Mr. Alexander’s name never appeared on the list. But the implications of that and other actions by him are now a matter for the TTRC.


  4. Kate, when can we put the petition to bed? I agree that funding fireworks and funding the fire departments should never be mentioned in the same breath. However, I’m not sure that the two items had that much to do with each other in the final budget process. Whether or not you believe a credible solution was found, the money the fire departments were giiven will spend the same way whether it was tax money or private contributions. Again, difficult times call for difficult solutions/answers. I believe the economy will improve moving forward, (in fact it already is) budgets will become a littler easier to deal with and we will look back at this period as a time the community took it upon itself to help each other without having to look to the government for all the answers.

  5. Times could get real difficult if the township had to pay for a fully funded fire department. I would be really careful about giving any credit to Tredyffrin Township or organizations that did not step up and oppose the cuts. Let’s see, even on its best day Tredyffrin gives under $400K to fund its fire service. Estimates would put a fully funded department at many millions. Just as fireworks and fire funding shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath, neither should the private contributions and the reduction in funding – two totally separate issues. Tredyffrin Township’s government failed. This failure was led by Warren Kampf, plain and simple.

    And for CT Alexander to even come close to calling out Bill DeHaven regarding the fire service is unbelievable. I have never been in the presence of such a fraud who has done mroe damage to the Tredyffrin Republican image than anyone could imagine. CT, please do all of the Tredyffrin Republicans a favor and resign your post.

  6. “Tredyffrin Township’s government failed. This failure was led by Warren Kampf, plain and simple.”

    Roger, at the risk of beating a dead horse, where is the failure? Or better yet, please give me your definition of failure. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. I don’t think the majority of T/E residents get it either. In fact, judging by the election results in November – I would guess most think we as a group are on the right track. Saying somethings a failure doesn’t make it one.

  7. John, I have little doubt that you are more aware of the interworkings of the TTRC then I. As I have previously stated, I am new. Your arguement seems pretty specious though. Politicians grandstanding? Come on, I can’t believe that one! Degradation of services? Inability to see coming economic downtowns?( I need your crystal ball as does the rest of the civilized world). Failure to come up with a “strategic plan”? John , the next thing you know the BOS will tell it’s citizens to just eat cake! I only hope with these failures there aren’t riots on our streets! Seriously, though, when people show up to vote or don’t show up to vote – there is always a reason. The reason the Dems didn’t show up is because the republican led BOS gave them no reason to do so. Things are pretty good and the sky is not falling. Enough said.

    P.S. I think politicians get too much credit for a good economy and too much criticism for a bad one. Quite frankly, I don’t think they have all that much to do with the business cycles. I welcome your opinion on that.

  8. Jim and John
    I have known John Alexander probably longer then both of you. In watching his behavoir lately, I hope you never get old. It is clear he is losing his faculties and out of respect no one around him is doing anything about it. As a life long republican I think that it may be time to let him go enjoy retirement and let someone else lead the charge before he totally ruins the reputation of the committee. He’s a good guy at heart but he is doing the party damage.

    What I can’t understand is why those close to him aren’t looking out for him and checking these confused rants of his before they get out. That I think is a worse indicator of what’s going on internally. You wouldn’t let a drunk get behind the wheel… would you?

    1. It doesn’t take a lot of guts to post anonymously and disparage someones character and or faculties. When do you something like that, it takes away from the good that boards like this provide in sharing ideas and thoughts. I think even John would agree with me on that! Please………let’s keep it above the waist…..or better yet, above the shoulders

  9. “Cmon dude… Who do you think you are talking to here? I have probably forgotten more of how this game is played than you ever knew.”

    That is why I assume that you are involved in this whole charade.

  10. Anon, Bruce, Fred, Joe, whoever you are, I hope you are not referring to me. I am not part of any charade nor care to be.

    “Cmon dude”? “I have probably forgotten more of how this game is played then you ever knew”?

    What’s that and who talks like that? Are you part of some covert operation to take down C.T. From the shadows? If you have a problem with the way C.T. Is running things, tell it to his face. Otherwise, please don’t waste our time.

    1. Wrong again John… I’m not a TTRC member and never have been. I’m just a resident and a voter. My name is of no consequence, as I guarantee that you have never heard of me.

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