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New Year's Resolutions . . . ? How About 2010 Township Forecasts . . . ?

Did you know…

… that today is New Year’s Eve in many countries? In 1904, the New Year’s ball dropped for the first time in Times Square, New York City. In Japan, everyone laughs at the stroke of midnight to ensure good luck in the New Year. In the Philippines, children jump ten times when the clock strikes twelve, hoping to grow taller in the new year. In Mexico, some people take out their suitcases and walk around the block, hoping it would help them travel during the next year. Have a great New Year!

Today marks the end of a year and the beginning of another one . . . there’s just something refreshing about “starting over.” Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What’s on your short list? . . . lose weight . . . save money . . . get a job . . . spend more time with family and friends . . . be kinder . . . do one good deed every day . . . exercise more . . . How will you improve your life in 2010?

How about 1020 township forecasts . . . no, I do not have a crystal ball as a reader of Community Matters pointed out; but I do believe that our past can be an indicator of our future. So where do you think this township is headed in the new year? financially? Board of Supervisor performance? State Representative Race? Fire Department funding? I’ll be glad to post your forecasts and resolutions for 2010.

In this week’s edition of the Main Line Suburban Life, Ray Hoffman lists his forecasts for 2010 in his Main Line Banter. Interesting list – I support his #1 and #2 forecast. As for #3, that one surprised me . . . didn’t know that JD was considering a 157 run. I would think that decision would need to be made rather quickly. Selfishly, I hope that there isn’t any truth in this suggestion because I think Tredyffrin needs JD’s full attention on the Board of Supervisors. My money is riding on JD to set the ship back on its course as we enter 2010!

The fearless forecasts for 2010 are:

1. Taxes will be raised by either increased millage or earned income in the Tredyffrin Township 2011 budget.

2. Volunteer firefighters and the community will again need to fight to get adequate funding from respective municipalities.

3. John DiBuonaventuro, Tredyffrin Township supervisor, will run for the state House of Representatives (District 157) as will Warren Kampf (another TT supervisor.)

4. The Conestoga High School football team will win the Central League Championship.

5. A couple of popular longtime restaurants will close in Easttown, Radnor and Tredyffrin townships.

6. Gene Williams will retire as manager of Easttown Township.

7. More stores will shutter in the retail village of Berwyn.

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  1. My prediction is simple:

    For those who put their faith in government and its leaders to solve many of our problems, you will be frequently disappointed and increasingly cynical – this goes for the local, state and federal levels.

    For those who put their faith in the many wonderful, generous people of this community and this nation, while they occasionally fall short, your hopes for the future will be lifted. Volunteers will continue to enthusiastically support our youth leagues, scout troops, senior services, fire companies, historical groups, and cultural events with their time and their money. Look around you in our community over this “lost decade”, as it’s been described by some. Our citizens have raised $3 million of private funds for the spectacular Tredyffrin Library.
    Through the Herculean efforts of their leaders and this community’s generosity, there are two new local charities, T&E Cares and FLITE, that are changing the lives of literally hundreds of those less fortunate among us – with jobs, financial assistance, transportation, reading camps, preschool assistance, etc. – while teaching an important civic lesson with their volunteerism.

    My glass is half full… Happy New Year to all!

  2. True that, John. Speaking of San Nicola in Berwyn, I predict they will close in the first half of 2010, to the disappointment of many local, loyal customers.

  3. A thought-provoking post, Pattye.

    Resolution: To spend less time in front of computers commenting on blogs (!) and more time in the outdoors staying in shape and caring for our open space.

    Forecasts: I agree with Hoffman’s (1) and (4), the latter with the regret that there will no longer be a family reason to cheer on Friday nights. Re (3): I can’t pretend to be anywhere near the inside to know who’s running for the 157th, but I do know that the primary and general elections should be entertaining! (Albeit, ultimately disappointing).

    Forecast: Despite community pressure and common sense, both the Township and School District overseers will NOT come up with 3 – 5 year plans that address service levels, compensation expenses, tax types and rates, and contingency plans.

    Happy New Year to all!

  4. From a personal standpoint, I resolve to appreciate much more the importance of family and friendships in my life, and to devote more time to making a difference in my community

    My community forecasts:

    Most local businesses will hang in there and start to see some small improvement -especially if all of us commit to buying local. I look forward to seeing some of those empty storefronts fill up with new shops and restaurants.

    Our new Supervisors will make good on their promise to be more open and responsive to the community. They will not make the same mistakes next fall on Tredyffrin’s 2011 budget.

    The 157th race will catch everyone’s attention as will the races for Congress, the Senate and Governor. There will be enough optimism about an improving economy and some kind of healthcare bill that voter turnout will be high.

    There will be a community dialogue about the best mix of taxes to fund township operations and T/E schools in the future, and it will not be controlled by a handful of people tied to the status quo.

    In contrast to Mike of Berwyn’s lowered expectations from government and its officals, I predict there will be the beginning of a renewed sense that government can work in our best interests, and that at least some of our elected officials are worthy of our trust and respect. It will become clear to more citizens that while the efforts of community -minded individuals are laudable and necessary, they cannot and should not take the place of good government.

    Happy New Year! May your glass be full in 2010.

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