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Fire Department Reports Major Safety Victory for Tredyffrin Township

You may recall during the recent campaign cycle, that fellow Supervisor Candidate Eamon Brazunas often spoke of the fire department’s safety issues and the proposed change to the building code that would require the installation of sprinkler systems in new construction. I am pleased to report that this change has been adopted at the state level, and Eamon sent the following information and link to the press release. This new sprinkler system requirement will help to keep our residents safe and also our firefighters! We look forward to the township’s addition and enforcement of this new building code requirement. Thank you for sharing this updated information Eamon.

I wanted to make you aware that the 2009 International Residential Building Code (IRC) has been adopted at the state level. This adoption of the IRC updates the PA Uniform Construction Code that Tredyffrin Township currently follows.

The new updates include residential fire sprinklers for all newly constructed townhouses effective Jan. 1, 2010 and for all newly constructed one and two family homes effective Jan. 1, 2011. The inclusion of residential fire sprinklers by the International Code Council (ICC) is a response to the growing fire problem, civilian injury/fatality rate, and the firefighter injury/fatality rate throughout the U.S.

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  1. Ironic.
    I do recall this topic, and I recall that Eamon was criticized for his position on this matter. It seems that Eamon’s position was more in line with the state and the nation then the kingdom of Tredyffrin was willing to accept at the time. I guess Tredyffrin and elected officials will have to embrace this after all.

    Good for the US, good for the State, and good for the safety of residents in tredyffrin moving forward.

  2. CJ

    Good of you to clarify this. Phil Donahue sent a mailer implying that Eamon was the “Evil Sprinkler Man” and that ordinance changes were his idea. Lies, of course.

    In a fitting twist of fate, it will now be Phil sitting in the Supe chair having to take the heat from residents for any additional expense the ordinance may cause. That is unless he turns out to take credit for the ordinance if potential reductions in homeowners insurance make up for the expense.

    Oh, I forgot, Phil’s ready for the task since he’s been married longer than Eamon.

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