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Patriots Path Discussion Set for January 4

The first meeting of the Board of Supervisors on January 4, 2010 could be challenging; on the agenda will be the Patriots Path. The township Planning Commission unanimously approved the draft plan and is recommending to the Board of Supervisors the inclusion of the Patriots Path in to the Comprehensive Plan. The path has been 7 years in the making and will connect 3 municipalities that share Revolutionary War history; East Whiteland, Malvern and Tredyffrin. The path would connect East Whiteland’s Battle of the Clouds Park, Malvern Borough’s Paoli Memorial Grounds and adjacent Paoli Battlefield, which was the site of the infamous Paoli Massacre, and Valley Forge National Historical Park

The Great Valley Association has formed a sub-committee to look at the pros and cons from the residents standpoint. I myself live in the Great Valley in a pre-Revolutionary House and I can see both sides of the argument. I have neighbors who are concerned about this path (and the potential of strangers) close to their properties. But on the other hand, I think that the concept of the Chester Valley Trail system is wonderful. The Radnor Trail originally met with much opposition and has turned out to be highly valued in that community; the hope is that the Patriots Path can enjoy that same degree of success in the Great Valley. I know that the Sidewalks, Trails and Path Committee (STAP) have worked very hard on these plans and I want all the residents to full understand the benefits. Involving the Great Valley residents in the process and implementation can only help with the success of the project.

To read further about the Patriots Path, please look at STAP’s link.

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  1. I’m a Tredyffrin resident in favor of the Patriots Path. I just received a call from a friend in Malvern; apparently the Malvern Borough Council adopted the Patriot Plan last night at their meeting! Why does everything take so much longer for Tredyffrin Township and why do we need a subcommittee for further discussion. Pattye, I thought you said the plan had been in the planning stages for 7 years! Didn’t all the local Great Valley residents already know about the plan?

    It’s a small wonder that anything gets done in this township. And wait until the new elected supervisors weigh in on this one — with their wealth of experience on the subject, one can only wonder how much discussion will be required.

  2. My experience in Arlington County Virginia was that the trail network was a wonderful asset for the community. Hopefully the GVA will be able to quickly synthesize the opinions of its membership and allow the concept to take its place in the set of long range ideas for which funding and development work can eventually take place. Participation of all residents should be very helpful in design of a resource that reflects the circumstances of the projected route.

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