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My Reflections Evoke Thoughtful Comments from Residents

I was surprised by the commentary on yesterday’s posting. Thank you to Kate of Malvern, John of Berwyn and Matt of Berwyn for reflecting on our local government and then taking the time to send me your comments. Also, thank you to those of you have called and sent personal me personal emails; much appreciated! Please take the time to read the comments on this topic, along with other comments posted in the last few days. Many of you are following Community Matters, and I thank you. I would encourage more of you to put pen to paper and send me your thoughts – for me, it has been very therapeutic.

Always believing in the positive, half-glass full approach to living life, I am going to count on this community (and our elected officials) to take that higher road going forward, starting at the next Board of Supervisor Meeting on December 21. We can all agree to disagree on the budget and its contents, whether its longevity pay, fire company and library contributions, fireworks, etc. The point that has been driven home to this community in the last 2 Board of Supervisor Meetings is related to actual behavior. Decisive, antagonistic behavior is not going to make it easier to get through these tough economic times. On the other hand, a bit of compassion and understanding of others opinions just might.

I am heading out to the airport shortly for a few days away. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I will be taking my laptop but have promised that I will keep my Community Matters updates to a minimum during the next week.

Let me know your thoughts . . .

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