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Which Local Non-Profits Lose Contributions in 2010 Budget?

The proposed 2010 township budget includes across the board contribution cuts to all non-profit organizations. I knew that Surrey Services contribution of $10,000 was removed in the 2010 budget, but could not find information on 2009 contributions to other non-profits. I contacted Mimi Gleason and she was able to provide the following 2009 township contributions:

Neighborhood Health Agencies of Chester County $2,400
Surrey Services: $10,000
Great Valley Senior Center: $1,000
Wayne Senior Center: $6,000
Wharton Esherick Museum: $500
Crime Victims Center of Chester County: $2,000
Jenkins Arboretum: $1,500
Total $23,400

We have been focused on the Library, Fire Departments, Police and township staff reductions included in the proposed 2010 township budget. It is important to acknowledge that the proposed township budget also includes $23,400 in contributions cuts to these local non-profit organizations . Across the country, non-profit organizations are seeing their contributions plummeting, whether it is food banks, senior centers, historic preservation organizations, etc. Tredyffrin Township, like many other municipalities is forced to greatly reduce (or totally remove) their contributions to these type of community organizations.

During this upcoming holiday season and time of giving, I would encourage you to make a contribution to your favorite charity. If you are lucky to have the extra resources, please consider making a gift this year – we are all in the same boat together, let’s help each other.

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  1. I agree – those who are able, need to help these and other worthy local charities.

    Relative to the Township budget, a relevant question is whether the Township should be making charitable contributions at all? Who makes the decision of which charities get contributions and how much? What is the basis for their decision? What makes these chosen charities more worthy of our taxpayer dollars than the Devereax Foundation, the Open Land Conservancy, Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust (!), Berwyn Paoli Little League, or any other local non-profit? Just a thought.

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