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The Plot Thickens . . .

I continue to focus on the mystery $50K offer from St. Davids Golf Club which appears in the recently released BAWG report. Details and bio information concerning one of the BAWG members has surfaced which could begin to answer some of my questions. John Petersen speaks directly to this subject in his recent posting on Tredyffrin Township Political Notebook.

I understand that the budget suggestions made by the BAWG committee to the Board of Supervisors are just that suggestions. However, by making the BAWG report public on the township website, its contents are then available as public record (and public scrutiny). If the mission of the BAWG was to look at all available revenue resources, than one might assume that the $50K offer from St. Davids Golf Club is an available revenue resource. But in my way of thinking, the St. Davids Golf Club sidewalk offer is not an available revenue resource. The Planning Commission’s decision to include the sidewalk requirement was part of the contractual agreement between the township and St. Davids Golf Club for their building project. Although previous attempts were made by St. Davids representatives for ‘relief’ of this land development requirement, as of now the requirement for the sidewalks still stands. This is not negotiable and therefore can not be represented by the BAWG report as an ‘available revenue resource’.

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