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Families Helping Families – T & E Cares

Thanksgiving is a few days away . . . and then the calendar will be closing in on Hanukkuh and Christmas. We have much to be thankful for in 2009 so let’s spread the goodwill and cheer throughout the community. If you want to help and give back locally, I suggest a visit to the website of a local nonprofit 501c3 organization, T & E Care for ways that you can help with their Holiday Drive 2009. The organization has identified 40 local families that need our help this holiday season with food, presents and gift cards. The website lists many ways that you can help your neighbors – and remember help is needed year-round, not just during the holidays.

I am proud to look at the T & E Care Board of Directors and know many of these people are my friends; they represent some of the ‘best of the best’ of this community. T & E Care believes in our community and believes in families helping families.

Celebrate these holidays by doing something for yourself . . . by doing something for others!

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