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St. Davids Sidewalk Required or Not?

Whatever happened to the sidewalks that St. Davids Golf Club was required to install with their land development project? Tredyffrin’s Planning Commission told St. Davids that they must install the sidewalks as initially required with the land development plans. I believe that the Township is still holding escrow money not be released until the sidewalks are installed. Wonder how many years ago the St. Davids plan passed? Today I read in the BAWG report that instead of installing the sidewalks there is the suggestion that we accept $50,000 from St. Davids and waive the requirement. It is one thing to make suggestions about revenue sources and future budgets, but are we now allowing the BAWG to change past township decisions? Why the offer of $50,000 – is that St. Davids cost for the sidewalks? Does this decision not impact the Planning Commission’s ability to have their decisions upheld? If the Board of Supervisors agree to this BAWG suggestion, what does that say about future Planning Commission decisions?

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