FREE: “Opioid Crisis in Our Back Yard” – Sunday, Sept. 10, 1-4 PM, Wilson Farm Park, Chesterbrook

Addiction can strike anywhere and in any community, including ours — we have watched heroin use and seriously life-threatening addictions become more common.  Our community, like many across the country, is learning this first-hand with a dramatic rise in the cases of drug abuse, addiction, overdoses and deaths.

Learn about the “Opioid Crisis in Our Back Yard” on Sunday, September 10, 1-4 PM at Wilson Farm Park in Chesterbrook.  A free informational session, open to the public, please plan to attend.  


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  1. The event will be a series of candid recovery groups, vendors and sitting officials.The goal is to get the conversation going to take addiction out of the closet. There is help and hope. I believe working with local healthcare systems, mental health, drug and alcohol agencies is the beginning. In addition, local law enforcement, EMS, District attorney’s offices and the County resources will make the difference. Addiction is a long term medical disease often couple with many other illnesses and issues.

    Let’s get out of the closet and treat those addicted as human beings who deserve affordable, accessible healthcare!
    Stop Heroin! Fight addiction! Find the cure.


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