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Paoli Sings the Blues Fundraiser . . . A Perfect Night!

With perfect weather and a special location, how could the Paoli Sings the Blues fundraiser not be a success? And it was!

Last night’s fundraiser included a Silent Auction and was held on the lawn of Royer-Greaves School on South Valley Road in Paoli. With sounds of the blues band, PokerFace and guest musician Russ Lambert filling the night’s air and the best barbeque provided by Bridgeport Ribhouse, how could it miss?

A Silent Auction included an amazing selection of items from local businesses and restaurants. The single highest auction item sold for $750 – dinner for 8 prepared in your home by Wegmans top chef. A bidding war took that item right down to the wire! The evening also contained a bit of local political campaigning with State Rep candidates Paul Drucker and Warren Kampf both in attendance.

Although the final numbers are not yet available, we know that the evening was highly successful. Not only was the fundraiser a success financially but the evening brought attention to the Paoli business community. The fundraiser marked the kick-off for the excitement to build towards the 2nd Annual Paoli Blues Fest coming on October 2nd! If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer for this free community-wide event, please either email me or visit ou blues fest website,

A special thank you to PokerFace and the guest musicians for providing the perfect musical backdrop; to Alexis Serafin and Linda Goldstein for their over-the-top Silent Auction and attention to detail; to Dr. Joe Coleman and the staff at Royer-Greaves School for graciously opening their doors to us; and to Marie Thibault and John Fattibene without whose hard work, friendship and laughter the evening would never have been possible! Thank you all!

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