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Berwyn Fire Company Could Win $10K . . . They just need a few minutes of our time!

Here is a very easy way all of us can help Berwyn Fire Company and it just takes a few minutes of your time. The Berwyn Fire Company is competing with fire companies nationwide for a $10,000 grant from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

How does the contest work? It’s easy; the fire company who gets the most people to complete a fire safety survey online by October 31 wins the grant! If the Berwyn Fire Company wins the grant, they will use the money to help pay for gear and supplies used in firefighting and emergency response every day.

To help the Berwyn Fire Company win the grant, go to:

Take the Fire Safety Pledge (bottom left). They will email you a confirmation message. When you receive the confirmation message, you then click on the link and the Berwyn Fire Company will have the vote registered.

You can live anywhere in the US and still vote for the Berwyn Fire Company. Please support one of the busiest fire and emergency medical response organizations on the Main Line. Forward this post to everyone you know – let us help Berwyn Fire Company win the grant. Remember folks, our fire companies are volunteer organizations and a $10K grant can really help their budget!

This morning I received an email from Rip Tilden, president of the Berwyn Fire Company. Although he reported that the fire company is currently in the lead for the grant, he is encouraging everyone to show their support for our volunteer firefighters by participating in the survey. I took the survey – 10 questions and less than 5 min. of your time! I checked and yes, Berwyn Fire Company is currently in first place in the ‘medium fire company’ category but Middleton Fire District from Middleton, Wisconsin is not too far behind in second place!

Much can change in 30 days – let’s not take any chances. If you are reading this post, click on the link above and take the survey – now! You’ve got 5 minutes to spare; help Berwyn Fire Company take home the $10,000!

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