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Newsweek’s Best High Schools

TESD Responds Officially to Absence of Conestoga HS on Newsweek’s Best High School List

The latest edition of the T/E News dated August 4 contains the following article explaining the absence of Conestoga High School on Newsweek’s best of the best high school list. Contained in the article is a link to the annual publication, Conestoga Profile, which provide up-to-date statistical information on the high school students.

The school calendar is included in the T/E News and I noted that grades 1-12 will start August 31 which is the week before Labor Day. I thought that school didn’t usually start until the week after Labor Day — just curious, when did that date change? Did the District change the calendar to accomodate possible snow days?

Newsweek Magazine’s List of Best High Schools

For the T/E community members who follow Newsweek magazine’s annual America’s Best High Schools story, you are aware that Conestoga High School (CHS) has been included in the list for the past several years, yet was absent from the list this year. Since the criteria Newsweek uses to determine rankings did not significantly change, we inquired about our status. We learned that Newsweek changed the way in which they collect data about high schools. Newsweek responded that they sent an email earlier in the year to all secondary schools requesting information. According to Newsweek, the email was sent to a CHS counselor. The counselor, however, reported that the email was not received. We subsequently sent our data to Newsweek, and were informed by the Newsweek staff that CHS would have ranked competitively based upon our students’ performance and Newsweek’s calculations.

The T/E School District publishes an annual publication called the Conestoga Profile that spotlights the outstanding achievements of CHS students. The Conestoga Profile provides an overview of the school’s strong educational program and statistical information about our students’ academic performance.

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