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Dust Barely Settled on Tuesday’s Election . . . Announcement on Upcoming Available Chester County District Attorney Position

In reading today’s Daily Local newspaper, I glanced at the headline that Chester County District Attorney Joseph Carroll has announced that he will not seek re-election but instead will take a run at judge of the Chester County Common Pleas Court.

You might wonder what the connection is between Community Matters and the Chester County DA; and why my interest. Over the last few months, I had heard rumblings that District Attorney Carroll might be moving on but my real interest was with talk of one of the possible DA candidates.

I had heard that Tredyffrin’s solicitor, Tom Hogan, a partner in the West Chester law firm Lamb McErlane (and former Assistant DA) might be on the list of those considering the District Attorney opportunity. This rumor was confirmed in today’s Daily Local article. When asked by the reporter about the DA possibility, Tom Hogan’s response — “At this point, the (midterm) elections have just finished. At some point I’ll sit down and talk with my family, and talk with law enforcement (groups) and make a decision.”

In addition to Tom Hogan, other possible candidates being discussed are First Assistant DA Patrick Carmody, Former Chief DA Susan DiGiacomo, Deputy DA Stephen Kelly and Assistant DA Norman Pine. I do understand the discussion is early in the process and names can come and go on the ‘list’.

I have known Tom for several years and he is truly one of the good guys. In addition to his service to our township, Tom and his wife Victoria have continued to be very supportive of historic preservation and Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust. Tom has generously served as a sponsor of many Trust activities including our Annual Historic House Tour and our annual In the Mood fundraiser.

Obviously, if Tom decided on the District Attorney direction, it would be a loss to our township but the residents of Chester County would be the winners. For what it is worth, I will state that if Tom Hogan decides to run for Chester County District Attorney he has my complete support!

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