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Cowboy Tattoo Ranch no more . . . Paoli Town Center Project Coming to Paoli!

It’s official!

A block of empty storefronts on Lancaster Ave. in Paoli has been sold to group of Paoli investors. Included in the sale of this retail block is the now vacated infamous Cowboy Tattoo Ranch. With a design rendering titled, ‘Paoli Town Center’ by Architetra (shown below) I am certain that I join the community in welcoming the new owners and their redevelopment plans to the neighborhood!

It is my understanding that the row of buildings is slated for a makeover and facelift. Although not confirmed, I believe that the lower level will be retail space and the second floor either office space or apartments. I am not sure on the timeline for the project, but the ink is dry on the paperwork so I am looking forward to an exciting new look to this section of Lancaster Avenue in Paoli.

Located directly across Lancaster Avenue from the Paoli Train Station, here’s hoping that this latest redevelopment project is an encouraging economic sign and means good news for movement on the Paoli Transportation Center project!

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