Cyber-Spying Charges Against Jay Ciccarone — Judge Dismisses Case!

I learned in a telephone call today from Jay Ciccarone that President Judge James MacElree, Court of Common Pleas of Chester County has dismissed his case.  If you recall, Ciccarone’s former wife, Suzy Pratowski, accused Ciccarone of cyber spying.  Ciccarone was arrrested in September 2011 and charged with spying on Prawtoski.  At the time of Ciccarone’s arrest, Tredyffrin supervisor John DiBuonaventuro was dating Pratowski.

There will certainly be much more to come on this story in the days to come but I asked Jay for a comment upon hearing the news.  Jay’s response —

My family and I are glad and relieved that Judge MacElree has dismissed the case that has been pending against me for more than 16 months. The arrest, charges and publicity has been a great burden on me personally and professionally and I am looking forward to moving past this ordeal. I only hope that the dismissal of these charges receives as much attention as my arrest did.

Jay had maintained his innocence throughout this ordeal … today there is vindication.

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