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  1. The Results Are In … Two-Thirds Majority (67%) of T/E Parents Commit to Full In-Person Learning!
  2. T/E School Board Votes Unanimously to Reopen Schools!
  3. T/E School Board Member Scott Dorsey Supports Reopening Schools Starting March 15 – How Will the School Board Vote on Monday, March 1?
  4. T/E School Board Meeting Last Night – In the words of the Board President, “We Have No Plan”
  5. What is the Reopening Plan for T/E Schools — Kids Need to Come First!
  6. Should Schools Fully Reopen in TESD? For 500 District Families, the Answer is Yes
  7. T/E Parents, Teachers & Administrators: FREE Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Program Starts This Week – “We All Want to be Included”
  8. T/E School Board Adopts Budget Resolution, Tax Increase 3% or less — Will 2021 Mark the 17th Year of Tax Increases?
  9. Will Conestoga High School Students Return to Hybrid Learning Tomorrow?
  10. T/E Teachers Union “Sick-Out” Threat Closes Conestoga High School
  11. COVID-19 Surge Closes Schools (again) Including T/E
  12. As Covid-19 Cases Soar in Pennsylvania – A TESD Elementary School Teacher Provides Personal Observations
  13. “Sunrise Berwyn” — Conestoga High School Climate Activists Fighting for a Greener Future
  14. Federal Judge Rules that the 2017 Sexual Assault Lawsuit against TE School District and Conestoga HS Principal Amy Meisinger Can Move Forward to a Jury Trial
  15. All Voices Matter — Proposed Changes to T/E School District Policy 1131 Seek to Silence Parent Organizations
  16. School starts for TESD students tomorrow — Best wishes for a school year like no other!
  17. It’s Official — No Fall Sports Competitions for TE Students, Maybe January 2021
  18. Conestoga sports team members test positive for Covid-19 — Where will this leave the Fall sports program in TE?
  19. School Opens Virtually on Aug. 31 but Students Will Not Return In-Person until Oct. 12 plus … PIAA Rejects Gov. Wolf’s Recommendation and Votes in Favor of Fall Sports – Final Decision Up to TE School Board
  20. Gov. Wolf Strongly Recommends No School Sports or Youth Sports until 2021 – Where does that leave high school football?
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