Cyber-Spying Charges Against Jay Ciccarone — Judge Dismisses Case!

I learned in a telephone call today from Jay Ciccarone that President Judge James MacElree, Court of Common Pleas of Chester County has dismissed his case.  If you recall, Ciccarone’s former wife, Suzy Pratowski, accused Ciccarone of cyber spying.  Ciccarone was arrrested in September 2011 and charged with spying on Prawtoski.  At the time of Ciccarone’s arrest, Tredyffrin supervisor John DiBuonaventuro was dating Pratowski.

There will certainly be much more to come on this story in the days to come but I asked Jay for a comment upon hearing the news.  Jay’s response —

My family and I are glad and relieved that Judge MacElree has dismissed the case that has been pending against me for more than 16 months. The arrest, charges and publicity has been a great burden on me personally and professionally and I am looking forward to moving past this ordeal. I only hope that the dismissal of these charges receives as much attention as my arrest did.

Jay had maintained his innocence throughout this ordeal … today there is vindication.



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  1. Connect the dots and what do you get? Guy gets arrested for spying on his wife, cops don’t show up for court hearing of supervisors girlfriend, judge dismisses spying case. How fast does guy go after those responsible?.


  2. Appears he was set up by some aspects of the TT police, township management staff, certain supervisors and/or the DA.

    This is not surprising in the least. Happens all the time if you cross the politically connected or the police in just about any township.

    Given the dismissal, the supervisors have a duty to hire a truly independent counsel to investigate how and why this happened considering the connections with a supervisor and zoning board member,. The guy’s life is still destroyed because even though all charges are dismissed, it’s all over the internet and will be forever.

    I know how corrupt LM is as I’ve seen this exact same thing play out over the years. I have my hands on documents from a current case where a LMPD officer fragrantly lied on a probable cause arrest affidavit (this is easy proven because the cop lied about court documents) because a citizen complained the cop stole his property – so he gets arrested for complaining.

    Wasn’t Chamber police chief when Ciccarone was arrested? Yet the TESB thinks he’s such a great guy after covering up the misuse of a police car along with this abomination of justice.

    Like I always say – government always protects its own, and that exactly what the supervisors will be doing unless the demand a through and independent investigation.


    Pattye Benson Reply:

    Politeia, You are correct that Andy Chambers was chief of police at the time of Jay Ciccarone’s arrest. You suggest that because of the dismissal of the case and the connection of a supervisor and former ZHB member, that the BOS has an obligation to investigate. It’s not that I don’t agree with you, but is there to mandate such an investigation? Would the investigation of the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of the situation only occur if Ciccarone demands it?


    politeia Reply:

    One reason I put Chambers in there as yet another unethical example for TESB making its decision. Chambers allowed a highly publicized arrest that destroyed the life of a citizen due to unfounded and baseless (and perhaps concocted) criminal charges that were dismissed as a matter of law.

    I don’t buy the previous investigation by the DA that nothing untoward happened with Miss Suzie. DA’s offices are in bed with the police and they seek to protect them.

    Where I think there needs to be a full internal investigation by independent counsel – and I’d start with JD, Chambers and the former township manager – is why Miss Suzie got an extremely lenient, expunged DUI/child endangerment sentence and got of the hook for drunk and disorderly while her husband had his name smeared and reputation ruined on a baseless arrest while he he was divorcing his zoning board wife who was dating a township supervisor.

    Anybody can see this is all political – and the worst kind of gutter politics.

    Do I expect the supervisors to do the right thing here? Of course not. They will remain silent.

    I hope Jay sues the pants of them and gets them them all under video taped depositions and posts the key parts online.

    That’s the only way to put any fear into sick people like this who abuse their power and destroy lives for kicks – and that what you have in TT government.


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