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The Closing of Southeastern Post Office — Can that be Possible?

I received the following press release from State Rep. Paul Drucker’s office that suggests that the Southeastern Post Office may be on the chopping block to be closed. This is the post office that I regularly use and my the length of the customer lines, it would suggest that many residents use this post office. The press release says the post office system is consolidating — why, as a budget cut? Like I am doing, I suggest that you take 5 min. and send an email against the idea to close Southeastern Post Office.

Share your comments
to help keep local post office open

The United States Postal Service is currently exploring the possibility of consolidating some of its mail processing operations in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Under this plan, the USPS is conducting a study as to whether the post office located at 1000 West Valley Road in Wayne, formally known as the Southeastern, PA Processing and Distribution Center, needs to stay operational.

I know that many of you use this location for your postal needs, and I would like you to have an opportunity to share your input. The USPS is currently soliciting public comment as part of the study process. The public’s comments will be thoroughly considered in any final determination.

Please send your comments to:
  Donna Saulino
  Customer Relations Coordinator
  Philadelphia Metro Division – USPS


2nd Annual Paoli Sings the Blues, Saturday, October 2 — FREE

The countdown is on . . . just a few days remain until the annual blues festival in Paoli.   

Yes, the 2nd Annual Paoli Sings the Blues is this Saturday. Along with Marie Thibault, I am co-chairing the blues festival which is setting itself up as a spectacular event . . . for Paoli, for the small business community and for the public! John Fattibene, our third partner (and financial genius) tells us that we are on target with the budget.  Of course, he also reminds us that the Paoli Blues Fest is continuing to accept contributions and sponsorships right up to Saturday.    

Along with hundreds of volunteers, vendors, musicians, etc. Paoli is the place to be on Saturday. The weather is also getting onboard – 68 degrees under sunny skies! Hope to see you there!   

2nd Annual Paoli Sings the Blues
Saturday, October 2nd   

Noon ’til 6:00 PM
Rain or Shine!   

FREE CONCERTS! Street Fair, food, dancing, Beer Garden, Blues Fest t-shirts $15,  kids’ stuff and lots of music – Paoli will be hummin’, singin’ and swayin’ to the Blues!   

3 Stages!
Main Stage: Paoli Village Shoppes
2 Community Stages: Paoli Shopping Center and Malvern Federal Savings Bank   

For Band Schedule for each Stage go to   

The Paoli Blues Fest, Inc. is a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible as the law permits.   


Quick Response from Township Manager & Public Works . . . Political Campaign Signs Removed from Township Park

I received a response from township manager, Mimi Gleason thanking me for me email and explaining that the township would take care of the removal of the political campaign signs from Swedesford Road Open Space Park.  Within minutes of receiving the email, a public works truck and  two township workers arrived at the park.  A township worker stood on the top of a tall ladder and  a garden rake and his long reach were required to remove the signs.  Good news . . . quick response from the township and  the political campaign signs are down . . . bad news is that is that it required township time and money for the removal.  

I’m sure that township residents don’t want their taxpayer dollars spent this way; I ask that political candidates instruct their campaign volunteers not to use our township parks for political signage.  Thank you Mimi and Steve Norcini for your quick response!


What’s the Policy on Political Campaign Signs in Tredyffrin Township Parks? And What About Nailing Signs to Township Trees?

We live across from the Swedesford Road Open Space Park.  During the last 24 hours someone either used a ladder or climbed up a township park tree and nailed 3 political campaign signs into one of the trees.  We have lived here for 26 years and there has never been signs nailed on these trees.  If the trees were on private property and the individual had permission, I guess it would be OK. Although I still would question the damage it may do to the tree.  But the point is the tree with the signs is on township open space property.

During the political campaign season, you may see signs along Swedesford Road, particularly on private property or along the sides of the road but never on the park property.  I sent an email to the Board of Supervisors asking what the policy was concerning political campaign signs in our township parks but have not yet had a response.   If over zealous campaign workers had planted the typical metal campaign signs, you could simply remove them if the signs were in an inappropriate place.  But these signs are at least 10 ft. up the tree and would require a ladder for installation or removal. 

I do not think political campaign signs should be nailed to trees in township parks.  On my email to the supervisors from my husband and I, I copied the township manager, head of public works Steve Norcini and township solicitor Tom Hogan.  I asked the policy and asked  for the removal of the signs.  I do not think the signs should be removed at taxpayers expense nor should it be  the responsibility of the township’s public works staff to climb the tree and remove the signs . . . rather, I would hope that the political campaign responsible would remove the signs.

I have not taken a trip around to visit other township parks but I am hopeful there have been no other defacing of township property.


PA State Representative 157 Race . . . Candidate Question #2 and Response

This is the Candidate Question & Response Forum for the Pennsylvania State House 157 candidates.  As previously stated, candidate Warren Kampf declined to participate in the question and response forum.  Candidate Paul Drucker’s response follows the question.  Each Monday for six weeks, a new question and response will be posted.  The candidate forum will end the week before the election.

Question #2:  How do you propose to encourage job growth in the Commonwealth and specifically in your district?

Paul Drucker’s Response:

The length and depth of this economic downturn is astounding. I think a great deal about my friends, neighbors and constituents who are unemployed or struggling to keep their businesses afloat—and I know that we have to do a better job of fostering a climate of economic growth in Pennsylvania.

While I am proud of some of the economic development projects I helped bring to the district, like the $1 million grant to the Paoli train station that will produce 5,000 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs, I also know we need fundamental changes to Pennsylvania’s business climate.

First, we need to invest in a modern day infrastructure that includes new roads and bridges, better rail access and high-speed internet in rural areas. Next, we need to ensure Pennsylvania students have the best education in America. Finally, we need to help our small businesses grow and expand with a fair tax burden and access to low-interest grants and loans for new equipment and technology.


Castle Doctrine – House Bill 40 . . . Discharge Petition Vote Tomorrow in Harrisburg

I was troubled to hear of the Seton Hall University, E. Orange, New Jersey shooting last night.  Having been denied access to the  private college party,  the gunman later returned and began shooting, killing one student and injuring 4 others.  The gunman remains at large.

For those that regularly follow Community Matters, you are aware of my somewhat naive views on local gun ownership and support for gun control legislation. So you may find the following an interesting email that I received today from Daniel Pehrson, the Founder & President Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association concerning the discharge petition filed for House Bill 40, Pennsylvania’s Castle Doctrine bill.  In order to get the bill to the House floor for consideration, this petition must be approved. 

House Bill 40, sponsored by State Rep Scott Perry (R-92), would, “ permit law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their homes and any places outside of their home where they have a legal right to be.   HB 40 would also protect individuals from civil lawsuits by the attacker or the attacker’s family when force is used.”

Important Castle Doctrine Vote Monday! We need your help to break through anti-gun tricks and get a vote on House Bill 40

Over the past year gun owners in Pennsylvania have made great strides in getting Castle Doctrine (House Bill 40), past all the anti-gun roadblocks placed in our way, and believe me, they’ve tried every trick in the book. On Monday, September 27, there will be a pivotal vote on a discharge petition, which would put a stop to all the dirty tricks from anti-gun politicians, and get us one step closer to an actual vote on the House floor. The Castle Doctrine bill that has wide bi-partisan support, and should easily pass if we can get this discharge petition moving H.B.40 forward.

Because of this we need you to contact your state representative and politely let them know you expect them to support the discharge petition and floor vote for H.B.40.

Your action on this matter is urgently necessary for us to pass these much needed reforms. Reforms that would protect law-abiding gun owners, like yourself, from prosecution and lawsuits should you ever be forced to defend yourself inside, or outside of your home.


6th Annual Historic House Tour — 85% Jump in Ticket Sales from 2009!

Looking outside today, what a difference a day makes!  Yesterday was one of those magical days that will be remembered long after the final guest departed.  This year’s old house owners on the Trust’s annual historic house tour were amazing –  the effort and time spent on details by each of the homeowners was truly remarkable. With blue skies, summer-like temperatures and help from many volunteers, the house tour surpassed my wildest expectations.  

Using Community Matters, email blasts, the support from the local press – Main Line Media News, and, Conestoga Woodlea Civic Association, Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth, this year’s tour literally ‘jumped’ in attendees and in dollars raised. There was a 85% increase in attendees from last year – 278 people paid for tickets!  If I add the volunteers and homeowners, close to 350 people were on the tour. 

Proceeds from ticket sales, contributions and sponsorships totaled $11,000  from yesterday’s house tour and benefit the Jones Log Barn rebuilding project.


6th Annual Historic House Tour – Today!

Today is the 6th Annual Historic House Tour . . . wonderful historic homes, welcoming homeowners and perfect weather!  The tour’s focused neighborhoods of Strafford and Berwyn will be alive today with 100’s of people enjoying the beautiful day and celebrating historic preservation. 

I hope I have covered all the details in the planning and organizing and by noon if will be out of my hands.  Not only is the local community supporting Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust’s event today, I have taken registrations from West Chester, Exton, Philadelphia, Pottstown, etc. 

If anyone is reading this and would like to go on today’s House Tour, you have until 12 Noon to register online at I will have my laptop with me for check-in starting at 11 AM at DuPortail House and will be able to process late ticket sales. 

Support your neighbors . . . Support historic preservation! All proceeds from today’s 6th Annual Historic House Tour go toward the rebuilding effort the Jones Log Barn as a living history museum.


The weather is going to be gre…

The weather is going to be great for tomorrow’s 6th Annual Historic House Tour – you can still purchase tickets –

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